10 Travel Tips from Sweet Dreamz Travel Agency

Ten of Sweet Dreamz Travel Tips

  1. Documentation

Carry with you both printed and electronic documentation. Carry a copy of your passport with you and leave a copy with a family member or friend. Also, printed copy of hotel reservation including address of hotel that your are staying. Furthermore, keep the extra copy of your passport picture with you. You may need it for a visa.

2. Pack Less

When it comes to packing for your vacation, I am a believer in packing less. 4 tops with two pairs of shorts, wear sandals that will go with outfits and a evening dress. Always be aware of outfits you pack that it doesn’t offend the locals.

3. Notify Bank of Travel Domestic or International

You must notify bank of your vacation. They will not need to know location just the dates of your trip. Also, ask what the fees are for using and international ATM.

4. International Currency

Exchange rates change daily, I would use the ATM in destination and withdrawal only enough for making purchases of souvenirs. $100 or $200.

5. Sunrise and Sunset

Feel the magic of the location. We get up daily to go to work but on vacation stop and enjoy the magic of a sunrise or sunset.

6. Eco Friendly Water Bottle

Don’t pay for water bottles, bring an empty water bottle that you can refill at hotel.

7. Learn Basic Phrases

Hello, Thank You etc. goes a long way to locals

8. Travel Items

Extra Masks, Hand Sanitizer and medicines. Just in case you are delayed in destination or return trip home always carry extra items in your carry on luggage.

9. Notification of Special Needs

Notify hotel management of any food allegies or disability so that you can be located on a lower floor.

10. Backup Charger

Carry 3 extra portable backup chargers for your electronic device. You always want to take that perfect picture if you have a dead cell phone you will miss out on that perfect shot.

Jackie White

Sweet Dreamz



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