Keep Going!!! (Motivation for the fourth quarter)

There are three types of people headed into the fourth quarter of 2021.

1. The ones who have given up

2. The ones who will be pulled through

3. The ones who will push through

Determining your position as you head into the fourth quarter of 2021 starts with a clear understanding of YOU!!! Is your why still motivating you? Have you allowed yourself to slide when it comes to your healthy habits?

I get it! No, I really do understand. At one time the fourth quarter presented a huge problem for me. While I have books that I sell, I didn’t have the types of products or services that most people purchased in the fourth quarter. I mean can you imagine someone gifting you a podcasting course for Christmas??? Yeah, I don’t think that’ll go over very well if it wasn’t on their list.

That being said, I had to switch my focus and my understanding. I ultimately had to give myself a coaching session as if I was my own client. It made me shift my mindset. Listen in as I share some insight into how I stay motivated as a service provider in the fourth quarter.

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  1. KK says:

    An inspiring post!!

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    1. Thank you for checking out the post. I appreciate.

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