International Women’s Day: A great Initiative taken to stand beside the general societal oppressed with Abhijit Ganguly

International Women’s Day: A great Initiative taken to stand beside the general societal oppressed guest post by Abhijit Ganguly

Kolkata, 8th March 2022: Every woman is precious and hard to find. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Narula Institute of Technology subsidiary of JIS Group moved beyond the four walls of the campus and stood beside the general societal oppressed. An initiative was taken to pay a visit to the sex workers in the Sonagachi area (Garish Park) in order to instill self-confidence and empower women who are marginalized in society. A group of eight faculty members and ten students along with the Registrar Dr. Nidhi Singh headed out from campus with masks, hand sanitizer, and presents for the underprivileged women. The Women’s Cell provided sanitizer and masks to sex workers and ran a health and hygiene campaign. The students gave out chocolates and stationery items to the kids. The smile on the faces of those subdued women brought tears in the eyes of the Narulites who were present at the venue.


On this occasion, Taranjit Singh, Managing Director of JIS Group said “In my perspective, every day should be a day to celebrate women, and Narula’s programme emphasizes this notion. I am proud of our students and faculty members for taking the initiative and standing up for the impoverished women, defying conventional prejudice. It’s worth noting what they want to achieve with this fight against stereotypes.”

 Socialpreneur and CEO of UP WORDS Magazine, Abhijit Ganguly who runs his Empire from Kolkata, India. Despite living with Transverse Myelitis and having chronic pain as his constant companion, Abhijit created a powerful, positive and uplifting digital magazine- UP WORDS  where he interviews folks from around the world who have inspiring journeys and who had to overcome great odds.




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