I have a confession………I have fallen in love with OPA!

So, I have a confession. As an introvert, I spent 2 years after publishing my book fearful of selling my book. I would see other speakers and authors walking around and closing the sale in the room and it made me cringe.

Speak Up! The Ultimate Guide to Dominate in the Speaking Industry

If you would have said to me three years ago that I would be speaking………I would have looked at you crazy. Oh but if you would have told me that I would be in a book with two Speaking icons……I would have simply walked away. Walked away becuase you were either on something really strong…

My Mama Said “Fight Fear or fight me!” So Fear what’s up??

Fight Fear or Fight Mama Replay I surveyed women and men about what stopped them from going after their dreams. As you can imagine, the responses started rolling in but surprisingly there were 10 main responses. 1. Low self esteem 2. No support 3. Finances 4. Family responsibilities (Children/Spouse) 5. Family responsibilities (Family Illness) 6….