My Mama Said “Fight Fear or fight me!” So Fear what’s up??

Fight Fear or Fight Mama Replay

I surveyed women and men about what stopped them from going after their dreams. As you can imagine, the responses started rolling in but surprisingly there were 10 main responses.

1. Low self esteem

2. No support

3. Finances

4. Family responsibilities (Children/Spouse)

5. Family responsibilities (Family Illness)

6. Illness

7. Fear of Failure

8. Finding the time

9. Lack of direction/strategy

10. Procrastination

It’s almost as if we have been bullied by fear in some way to leave our dreams on the shelf. Well the way that you turn that around is to first shift your mindset.

See when we hear things said about us it is like someone planting a seed. That seed will grow and bear fruit. (Fear, distrust, low self esteem, jealousy) The thing is that we don’t have to accept that seed that was planted. See when it is time to get rid of those seeds we find that they have already started to grow roots making it harder to get rid of.

So what do we do? We can reject it! How? Well, I have a funny bully story that will help but first let’s look at the three things I use to change my mindset.

What are you listening to?

Seriously, people will listen to negativity on repeat but won’t spend the time to listen to a podcast or book on audio. This can be your greatest line of defense against those unwanted seeds. While you are traveling or commuting to work, allow positive and encouraging words to help navigate you away from the negative.

Who are ya talking to?

Look, I get it that they have been you bestie since grade school but poison is poison no matter who is holding it. Check your circle. Sometimes those seeds are coming from the ones closest to you. Now I’m not saying you need to dismember them and hide the body but you will need to create some distance as you change your mindset.

I found this to be true when I had to move to a whole new state. Sheesh……it was not easy but the connections I made empowered me to move beyond the “norm” and not be another “hood story”. It hurt the first time someone said this to me but I’ve found that it has been for the better. Checking your circle is like checking your boat for cracks and holes. You should do it each time you are going to use it.

What are you saying?

Sometimes the one planting those bad seed is YOU! Yup! Out of fear or jealousy we can sabotage ourselves into believing we are not good enough to succeed. When in all actuality, we are much more capable then we think. We are stronger than we think. It is often said that we are like tea bags……meaning we show our true strength in hot water.

Know that you can start right where you are! Where are you stuck? Let’s see how you can make this year your best year.

Here is a great resource that will help. Get a FREE copy of my 2nd book Define Your Voice by going to and use coupon code: speakup That’s is my gift to you.

Oh and don’t forget to watch the funny bully story that may spark some motivation for you. (Or at least give you a good laugh)

Fight Fear or Fight Mama Replay!


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