Vision & Revision: Part 3 – Networking

There are often times that we, as business owners, have great ideas and plans for the future that somehow fall by the wayside. We lose focus, finances change or the idea doesn’t take flight the way we thought that it would. Don’t get discouraged! Take the next step by looking at what did or did not work for you in that situation. Did you have a clear vision for the project or program? Was there a budget or did you think about what obstacles there could be in doing such a project? Who could you have talked to get insight for this project?

Maybe you did have a vision and a well thought out plan but you still were not able to complete the project. Don’t fret. Change is the one thing that we always must be ready for in business. (I know you are trying to figure out how someone can ever be ready for change) There will always be times when we come across opportunities and obstacles that will make us take a detailed look at what we are doing as an entrepreneur. You can be the business owner who always complains that they can never keep up or you can be the entrepreneur that is better equipped to handle change. It’s starts with your vision and along the way there will be times where revision is necessary. Let’s take  look at revision. I believe there are a few areas that consistently are in need of revision. – Quality, Expenses & Marketing.

Merriam dictionary defines revision as:

– a change or a set of changes that corrects or improves something

Don’t start to get discouraged when the opportunities arise for you do a revision. It is not a shot to your ego, more like an opportunity to fine tune what you have. An example of this is from my little sister who decided to make and sell natural body scrubs. For an 11 year old girl, this is not the ideal choice for a small summer time gig. Or was it? My brother and I helped her do the research and price her supplies. She was able to but the scents she liked at GNC & Amazon.She completed her first jars and sold them to family and close friends who were eager to help. Then she got stuck. How would she get other customers?


My little was not able to have any social media pages. That is out of the question until she is old enough to handle all that comes with being on social media but our brother was on social media. He partnered up with our sister and was able to share the scents available and take order online, which was something my little sister was unable to do on her own. Can we as entrepreneurs do it all????? Nope! Do we try to do it all? Yup. In the end we get burned out. Networking helps to find clients and customers but it can also be a way to find business partners, opportunities and help. Often times people are very protective of their business for fear of someone stealing their idea. I am a firm believer that what God has for me is for me and that includes that clients I will have, the money I will make etc.

Are you holding your business close to your chest? Have you joined groups or organizations that will bring you closer to like minded business owners? How about connecting with someone once a week just to ask questions or share stories? Take this opportunity to connect with at least one other business this week. Someone who has been doing their business longer that you have and I can guarantee that you wont be disappointed.


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