Vision & Revision: Part 4 – Marketing

There are often times that we, as business owners, have great ideas and plans for the future that somehow fall by the wayside. We lose focus, finances change or the idea doesn’t take flight the way we thought that it would. Don’t get discouraged! Take the next step by looking at what did or did not work for you in that situation. Did you have a clear vision for the project or program? Was there a budget or did you think about what obstacles there could be in doing such a project? Who could you have talked to get insight for this project?

Maybe you did have a vision and a well thought out plan but you still were not able to complete the project. Don’t fret. Change is the one thing that we always must be ready for in business. (I know you are trying to figure out how someone can ever be ready for change) There will always be times when we come across opportunities and obstacles that will make us take a detailed look at what we are doing as an entrepreneur. You can be the business owner who always complains that they can never keep up or you can be the entrepreneur that is better equipped to handle change. It’s starts with your vision and along the way there will be times where revision is necessary. Let’s take  look at revision. I believe there are a few areas that consistently are in need of revision. – Quality, Expenses & Marketing.

Merriam dictionary defines revision as:

– a change or a set of changes that corrects or improves something

Marketing is simply talking about your product, brand or idea and how it benefits your consumer, client or customer. There are a lot of techniques used for marketing but I will only share a few with you today. My girls have learned that the more that you talk about what you have to offer the easier it becomes. When they had their first opportunity to do a vendor table they were as excited as can be. They prepped and planned with my help of course and they felt like they were ready to do their first event. They set up their table and had their pen and receipt book ready. Then it happened………someone asked them a questions and they froze. Not because they didn’t know the answer but because they were nervous and it was their first time. I guided them through questions from customers, family and friends. They did an excellent job explaining their businesses.

Fast forward months later and my girls have the opportunity to do their first interview with YSO. (Youth Speak Out Blog Talk Radio) Yes all the nerves came right back again. Even though they were knowledgeable about their businesses and the anti-bullying campaign they started……it happened again. They were nervous but they did an excellent job on their first radio interview. Afterwards they were all smiles and giggles and about how much fun it was to do the interview. What can you as a business owner learn from this experience? I know I learned three things…….

1. Do it even when you are afraid!!

My girls did not freak out and quit. Instead they pushed past the fear of doing something new. What have you been scared to do in the area of marketing that is holding you back? Did you say no to a speaking opportunity? Did you see an ad for a radio spot but decided not to pursue it? Don’t allow fear to keep you from sharing your business or brand with the world. There are plenty of opportunities to share on Blog Talk Radio shows, live events and yes even on blogs. Take a leap forward by being bold about your brand or business. It says a lot to the potential clients and customers when you are confident in what you are selling. (Even when you are nervous)

*****My challenge to you this week is to do a video about your business or brand. *************

2. Have fun!!!!

The most important thing I teach my girls is to have fun. Yes they are running businesses but if I take away the key element, which is that they are children, something will be missed. Creative ideas flow in the minds of children because they haven’t had to work in a hum drum retail store or had a schedule to keep. They are free with their ideas and it makes a big difference. Allow yourself to have some fun with your business. Create a wacky video or a new dance. Sing an awful song and watch how it soars on social media. As it soars so will your business or brand.

3. There is always a next time!!!

My oldest daughter looked at me and smiled. She said, “We were nervous this time but we are better prepared for next time.” Yes there is something wonderful when you receive wisdom from a 12 year old. : ) Don’t stop after one failed experience because there are so many more experiences to have. They did great and anyone who heard the show said that the same thing. That didn’t stop them from taking this opportunity and making it into a stepping stone for the future. Yes, you may have stumbled over your words or forgotten something but there is always a next time. Even when there isn’t an opportunity laid at your feet, take what you have and make one.

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Here is the link to their first interview.


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