#KeepPRESSing Love in Action

Love is an action word!! That’s simple right? Not so much. We often think of the word “love” as being enough to sustain relationships, promote change, ignite responsibility in others and create our ideal life. Ah, but here is where we miss the mark.

So how does me talking about love connect with business? I’m getting to that part.

When we say that we love someone or something we are saying that something or someone matters to us. The same goes for our business. As an entrepreneur we chose to leave corporate jobs, bonuses, paid vacations and the illusion of security to step out on faith and do something we love! So why are you giving up on what you love so quickly? Why have you chosen to leave your love in boxes and on shelves collecting dust? Why is your love not being shared with the world?

Over the past weekend I learned two lessons.

First Lesson: Love died for me

This past weekend was Resurrection weekend and a man who never met me and never spoke to me died on a cross for me. That’s a powerful love statement! For the sins I’ve done or will do (hey I am no where near perfect) to the healing that I need physically, emotionally and mentally……he took it all! Through pain and humiliation, Jesus took on a role that forever changed my life.

Now that’s not the part that stood out to me this weekend because I have heard the accounts of Resurrection weekend for many years. What took my breath away was the imagery of him on the cross. How Jesus was nailed to the cross meant that he was slumped down from the weight of his body. So in order to speak the words “Forgive them for they know not what they do” Jesus had to raise himself up. In midst of pain and sacrifice, He still had to pull from his love for us to cover us.

Yes, it’s difficult running a business and the uncertainties can be miles long but for what you love you need to raise yourself up! Keep building yourself by reading books and listening to podcasts. Keep networking. Keep promoting and sharing. Rise up entreprenuer and author! Rise up motivational speaker and graphic designer!

Lesson Two: Love is constant even when we are not

This past weekend I also hurt someone I love. Not intentionally but that didn’t make the sting any less painful. I wanted to make it better, I wish it had never happened but it did. I neglected someone very close to me.

I had a busy weekend at work and even though I saw two missed call from them I didn’t give it the attention it should have received at that moment. Usually, I would call or text to check to see if they were okay but doing more than I should have at work I forgot and figured I would do my usual call when I arrived home from work. Not the best choice.

How often do we neglect those things and people we love because we are busy focusing on what someone else loves. We are helping someone walk out their dreams while letting our own dreams go to voicemail. All the while, those people and things we love suffer (not always in silence mind you)  and we in turn suffer as well.

I made a vow this weekend, after finally getting some rest, that I would work more on my love life. Those close to me that I love, my love of writing, my love of working with women and youth and my love of being able to live life. I made my love life my priority again and realized that this will be something I have to do daily. So here I am…..ready to focus on love day by day until love abounds in my life.

How will you let love abound in your life?



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