My Voice………My Audience

On Monday, May 2,2016, I began the #FindYourVoiceChallenge on Periscope and Facebook. The goal of the challenge was to use your personal voice (your personal story or testimony) to connect with an ideal client. I chose to do this challenge after finding out about a teenager who lost her life in bathroom at her high school after a fight. There were teens in the bathroom filming the fight and teens involved but out of all these students no one chose to stand up and say this was wrong. 
My question to those watching my scope was “Who was supposed to be reaching these teens?” Teaching them self control, self esteem and the importance of being an individual. Who has a personal story, their unique voice, that could have been these terming factor for these youth? Did you miss the scope? Don’t worry you can join the group Your Voice on Facebook to watch the replay. 
So who is your personal voice suppose to reach? I know my personal voice reaches women who have been molested or raped. I encourage them that their tears do not mean weakness. I share with them that what they endured can either used as a stumbling block or a stepping stone towards their future. 
Still don’t know who your voice is meant to help? Go over to the Facebook group and check out the journal entries and videos I’ve posted. Click this link to join #FindYourVoice Challenge. 
Have you picked up your copy of my first book It’s Okay To Cry? It’s available on Amazon and on kindle. 


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