Love is in the air!

Love is in the air!

Love is in the air this week! Don’t forget to love yourself. Let’s be honest here………life is not all roses and candy. You’ve been through a lot in the past and along the way you’ve lost your voice! You’ve become the Yes man (or woman) to everyone around you but keep saying no to yourself. It’s time to Love Your Voice and get your power back.

Not sure how to do that……….I have five ways to show yourself some love starting today.

#1 Tell yourself that you are amazing at least once today (Daily affirmations are powerful)
#2 Do something that makes you happy (dance or sing anywhere you choose to today like no one is watching)
#3 Try something new today (a new dish or maybe a new activity)
#4 Spend time with someone you love (yes pets are included. Lol)
#5 Let Your Voice be heard (It’s okay to say no or to speak up on a subject that interests you)

Love the voice you have been given and don’t let it become dim in a moment of darkness. It gets better. #KeepPRESSing

Need a little extra boost? Click the button to get a special Valentines “Love My Voice” bundle of my book “DEFINE Your Voice” and the audio “I am Strong” for $14.

Love My Voice

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