Unexpected Ways Coaching Can Make Your Life Better.

There are many facets of the coaching industry. Although the root of coaching is to see your client successful, we can easily see that the tree of coaching has branched into many different areas. (Pun intended. lol) My focus for today’s post is the ways that coaching helps you to have your voice heard. I will be highlighting three amazing coaches and give you a description of how they help their clients to find their voice.

Through the courses that I have taken with a business coach, Dawniel Winningham, I have been able to to leave my job and create a business that allows me to be a stay at home mom. Does this work for everyone……no. That is because people have put some unreal expectations on coaches or they have not always put in the work necessary to be successful. Then there are the coaches that have taken advantage of people. Yes, the experience of a client can vary greatly. Thankfully my experience has been a great one but I would love to hear your experience with a coach.

I learned three key things from my business coach.


1. Charge your worth.

I have worked retail since I was sixteen and I was always told how much I was worth from their perspective. It’s a hard truth but most people work for a lot less than their experience and knowledge is worth each and everyday. With the stress of irate customers, constant changes, standing on your feet for hours…..I can definitely understand the whole fight for higher minimum wage. That being said, when we have the opportunity to write our own check there seems to be a mental block.

It took me at least a year to charge what I was worth and even when I priced my things accordingly…….it was not easy to actually speak the prices. What was wrong with me? Was I that brainwashed that I couldn’t tell someone that I was worth $500 or $1,000 a hour? It was my coach that wouldn’t allow me to belittle the experience and knowledge that I had. Her push made me see that “my comfort zone was my broke zone” so I either had to move or something in life would move me. If I waited for the life to move me it would be a lot harder than it was now. That leads me to the second thing that I learned.


2. Use what you already know

Okay lets be honest………we have gotten into the habit of collecting information and doing research. We do all this collecting and will not move an inch forward but we have sooooo much information on our laptops, cell phones and tablets from free overload. Sometimes we assume that all that free information will be like fairy dust and make us fly into six figures. Um…wishful thinking. I bet if you go through your storage you will find all types of resources that you downloaded and never touched again.

Welp….you are not alone! I was the same way and literally took a whole day to de-clutter my storage from all the tips and tools I had collected. It is almost like the woman who shops for new clothes with clothes in her closet with brand new tags. Yes, I know. I just gave the typical woman stereotype right? Sad but true. Yet it doesn’t have to remain that way. After I did that de-cluttering session I stopped downloading tips sheets and webinars that I would not use in the next 30 days. Yes I had to put a time on it to help me stick with it. (Believe me, with the way social media is set up we see them very often) I also started using the tips that I already had and realized a valuable lesson. A lot of what I already had was still very much relevant.


3. Always find out what your client needs

The combination of using what I already have combined with determining what my client needed makes me honest as a coach. There are many who fall into the trap of trying to provide everything because they don’t want to miss out on any money. What happens in the end? They end up stretching themselves past what they can actually handle and the end result is a dissatisfied client. We see it all across social media where people feel as though they were scammed by coaches because the coach said they could produce that was not in the scope of what they could handle.

Those are the ones you wish you could “mom pluck” in the forehead. Yup, I said it. The best way to combat that is to be able to handle my affairs accordingly. I let potential clients know upfront what I offer and who I offer it to. I only work with women and I am not a business coach. I am a life coach that can help my clients with basic business skills. Trust me, I have built up a network of coaches that I gladly refer people to if they are not my target audience. (Which was hard for me because I am an introvert and I don’t like business cards…..scratch that. I hate business cards)

When you have a firm foundation for your business you can build something amazing that will have satisfied clients screaming your praises.  At least most times. lol Like those who have left reviews on my LinkedIn account or on by Facebook Biz page. 

Here are some other Coaches that are doing some amazing things in their industry.

Cheryl Minnette 




Cheryl feel that it is important to be able to work with someone who literally gets what they are going through or what they have gone through. She is legally blind and coaches women on how to live an active life being visually impaired. From learning how to maneuver in your home to things to look out for during travel, Cheryl goes live on social media and gives tips that help anyone who may be losing their eyesight. Her life quote is “If you can dream it, then you can see it; and if you can see it, then you can achieve it. Vision loss doesn’t mean life loss.”

Cheryl is not only living the EyeLifestyle fearlessly and thriving, while conquering challenges daily she is teaching others to do the same.

Dorothea Robinson







Dorothea is an exit strategist making plans to get clients to safety safely. Women come to her for assistance in getting out of their intimate partner relationship. They usually come when they are at the point of hopelessness. She inspires as well as gives them some hope in their state of feeling lost. Because Dorothea planned my own escape from an intimate partner abuse relationship, she can understand the state of mind of a victim. She was married to my abuser for about 30 years. Having experience every category of intimate partner abuse a.k.a Domestic Violence, She sought out to become a Life Coach to abused women, professional speaker, and have written policies and procedures for companies to use as standards in helping in the effort of Domestic Violence and the workplace.

Dorothea has also written books, is the founder of The Butterfly Experience support group and The Life After Domestic Violence(LADV) membership group. She host a weekly Livestream: Declare2Live, LADV-Live, and Hidden. There is also a Youtube Channel – The Exodus. Her clients have taught her how to become a good listener through active listening skills. The signature quote she lives by is “Seek Peace Pray for Peace and He will give you peace.”

Georgia Lee London




FB Group





Georgia is a success coach and hosts a weekly show #Women inspiring women that she shares on Facebook and Youtube. She does daily Facebook Live videos in my Facebook groups. Georgia hosts all my webinars for my coaching groups (secret group) on Facebook Live. Georgia uses her private Facebook groups for inspiring and motivating clients. As a bonus, she re-purposes her video content by transcribing the audio for blogging.

Georgia has been successful in increasing her email list and converting clients through Facebook Live. With the direction that video marketing and engagement are heading, She is able to teach her clients the key tools for moving their business forward using Facebook and other live streaming platforms.

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