Poverty Mindset and the Entrepreneur – Distraction or Motivation? 


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It’s November and we are well into the swing of things for fourth quarter……..well at least I am. My profit plan for 2018 is already written out and I spent the day yesterday clearing out old paperwork in order to be prepared for tax season. That’s when I opened a folder and found some paperwork from two years ago. When I was fighting to not be evicted from the home i was renting.

Going back to December 31, 2015 when the sheriff was at my door and the feeling I had while putting all our things on the side walk all came rushing back. Here I am two years later working as a full time entrepreneur. It wasn’t always easy but come to think of it……..what success journey is easy? As I looked through the papers one thing came out of my mouth.


“I will never be in that position again!”


Never begging and jumping through hoops to get money that was suppose to belong to me. Never leaving my legacy in the hands of a job. Never allowing someone else to determine what number goes on my check. (Can you tell that I got a little emotional?) See I know people who are still at that same place in their lives. People are unhappy and uncomfortable within their own life. Never………I mean NEVER again!


So, for me that poverty mindset that allowed me to stay in a home that had bugs and mold in the ceiling from a leaky roof felt more like a comfort zone. Although, thinking back now I have no clue how someone could be comfortable in chaos. Comfortable in paying bills late and receiving shut off notices is not how a successful entrepreneur operates. A shift had to happen. A budget had to be created. (Ooooh that nasty B word) I needed to have a better relationship with money. I could no longer let money be a side piece in my entrepreneur journey because when we don’t give our money a destination and a purpose we lose sight of it.


Then I had to have better communication skills. There is usually help somewhere when you open your mouth and ask. I asked for some help but being an introvert, I tried to do it all on my own. No bueno! I was told by numerous people that if I would have said something earlier than they may have been able to help me. It stung even more when my sister had to be moved from my care because of it. Yep……NEVER AGAIN!


I talked about it live on my Facebook business page. Catch the replay!


How does this connect with entrepreneurship? When all this was going on I was in the beginning stages of my entrepreneurial journey. Just two years in it was obvious that I still had a lot to learn. A poverty mindset will make someone spend money on things that they don’t need to fit a certain image. That is the complete opposite of what it means to be an entrepreneur. At least in my eyes it does. What do you think? This will also put you in a mindset of doing anything for money. It becomes a battle better money and vales which we see people struggling with on a consistent basis.


So I’ve used that poverty mindset that I once had as motivation to move forward. Have you had a similar experience? I would love to feature you on  my blog. Email me at Contacts@altovisepelzer.com for more details.


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