6 Beautiful Reasons Why I love to Break the Rules

So I must admit………..there is a rebel side to me and I love it! Yup! I don’t fit into the “normal” category in any part of my life. I’m not a normal coach. I’m not a normal mom. I’m not a normal friend. Hey, I’m a unicorn and people either learn to love me or learn to just move to the other side walk. Lol That being said I have found that breaking the rules has allowed me to have peace of mind, joy, impromptu moments of uncontrollable laughter and success. Don’t believe me?

As I mom in the beginning I missed out on a lot because I was either always working or taking classes to finish school. My children spent a lot of the “fun years” either with my mother or at an after school program. I don’t knock any other parent that is doing the same. I sympathize with the decision you had to make. Ah, but when I got a taste of what being a stay at home mom was all about going back to work never felt right.

See I loved being able to do a cut day and go pick up one of my children to get dessert in the middle of the day. I loved being able to jump in puddles when other parents were rushing their children into a car. The looks we would get were always classic. I broke the rule of doing parenting the “right way” and chose to do it my way! I got a lot of joy that way.

The same can be said in how I do business. I am not your normal coach. Lol I talk about food related topics of business, I giggle and I’m super supportive. I broke the rule of being the mob boss style coach and chose more to be me. A woman that overcome molestation, domestic violence and homelessness. I chose to be the transparent coach that didn’t hide behind false numbers or false hopes. Yes and I even added a unicorn to my business logo. (Yes I often get odd looks)

I love that freedom. I can almost feel the wind flowing through my hair as if I’m on the back of a royal blue ninja bike! ☺️ So here are the 6 Reasons I love to break the rules.

1. I’ve found that most rules have been created by people who have nothing in common with me.

2. There are rules that don’t benefit my clients/customers/family and I would be failing them if I followed the rules.

3. I like dessert………so I eat it first sometimes! Yup

4. I’ve found that if you learn to dance in the rain then life’s storms don’t seem so bad. (If I get a little sniffle who cares…..that’s what detox tea and essential oils are for)

5. When you chose to be the odd one you often find that you are not alone.

6. Joy wins!

In 2011, I watched my mother take her last breaths on this earth……..and that changed my thought process on everything. It still took me another four years to decide to live life to the fullest but that day was the seed sown. It has been by breaking rules that new things have been created and old things have been upgraded. If I followed the rules I wouldn’t be working for myself…………I’d still be at a job.

The “rule” when it comes to being an introvert means that I should be quietly at a job right now. Still getting overlooked and overworked. The rule would be that I would still be a “yes” woman taking on extra shifts when other people wanted to be off to go to the beach or to a show. I’m glad I broke those rules because I have spoken on platforms in front of thousands and on stages in front of hundreds of women. That introvert silence was definitely something that needed to be broken and when I did other women started breaking it too.

Have you ever broken the rules? I would love to hear the story. You can send it contacts@altovisepelzer.com

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