How the Lessons you Learned Can Increase Your Profit!

Well let’s start this off by asking the question……..Did you learn your lesson? Yea, I know you just heard your parent or guardians voice as you read the question. It’s an honest question that benefit the entrepreneur in five main areas. (I’ll share three tips to help you use your lesson to create profits)

1. Product Creation

2. Customer Service

3. Book Writing

4. Creating Engaging Live Events

5. Networking and Collaboration

So once you answer the question of having learned a lesson you have to determine what that lesson was and how it best serves your target audience. Now this is the tricky part for Introverts and here’s why. As an introvert you tend to want to analyze and have deep thought about the lessons you have learned. (Yes we tend to be over thinkers) This can be a good thing because it allows you to determine just how you can help the next person. You have to be willing to actually use the lessons learned instead of holding onto them. You have to communicate clearly the pain, benefits and strategy of the lesson.

I know that this works because I have built a product store with over 40 products and services from the lessons that I have learned. I’m now adding products weekly. My Store has products that help the Introvert ready to have their voice heard or the woman that is ready to start her business. (Most of the products and services work well for both because I am both an introvert and mompreneur)

Here is the other thing that’s really been holding you back from creating something around the lesson you learned. You don’t want anyone to know that you messed up. There has always been a sense of “will people judge me and not want o use me as a coach” that lays dormant in our minds. We become overly critical of how we feel someone will react to the product or service that we create. Can I be honest here? The reality is that most people don’t care what you create. (Your target care the most because they need it)

I love this quote by Dr. Seuss because it has helped me to launch more than I think. Lol. That sounds kind of strange but it’s true. Stop overthinking it and stop believing that it has to be perfect. Create and launch. There is a rhythm that is created once you get into the habit of using your lessons to create products and services. Here are three tips that I personally use.

1. Write it out

This one is often time difficult in the moment because of the raw emotion you are feeling. That is what makes this tip so powerful. When you learn to write things out in the moment you are giving it everything you are feeling. No holding back. Your target will go through similar emotions and it helps to build that “know, like & trust” relationship with them.

Give as many details as possible and do not…………I repeat DO NOT attempt to make it pretty or edit it as you write. Simply do a brain dump and that’s it. You may not use what you wrote immediately but you have the option to go back and use it whenever you want. (I try to convert business tips and lessons quickly into a video or tip sheet)

2. Go Live about it

You will fall into one of several categories when it comes to live streaming but hear me out. Live streaming is a great way to capture the moment and create momentum. The reach your video will have extend far beyond your grandma and Auntie who post old holiday photos of you. (You know what photos I’m talking about right?) It touches each person that the video is potentially shared with. The more shares…………..the more engagement……….the more potential clients you’ll reach.

Let’s be honest here. People are nosey as heck. 👀 That’s why they becoming followers and when you go live about a lesson you learned that is how they are converted into clients. Will they all join your tribe? No. The ones that will join are craving the information that you are sharing. So share share share. Hit the go live button and create a movement.

3. Get some accountability

Why is accountability necessary? I’m glad you asked. See in theory it’s great to be able to write things out and create or purchase great graphics for it but people choke when it comes to launching. (One of my favorite books is Launch ) We get overwhelmed by which platform to use, what colors to choose from, how many pages it should have or was there enough lighting. Side note: the lighting in my home sucks and so I often have this issue but I don’t allow it to stop me from recording and launching. Take that bad lighting!

Accountability can come in the form of a coach, Mastermind group or accountability group. You learn to take what you have and perfect it along the way. There is someone standing over you with a yard stick ready to crack your nuckles if you don’t launch. 🙇🏽‍♀️ Okay maybe it just feels like that in my mind sometimes. Lol. Don’t judge me.

Simply put, it takes more than one tool to start and maintain a garden. Gardeners read books, engage with other gardeners and do research to become better. A gardener will spend time in Home Depot or Lowe’s asking questions and reading labels. You should have that same mindset about your business. Do the research and make the connections but the most important piece is planting the garden.

Have you been using your lessons learned as a way to gain profits? Why or why not? I’d love love to hear your response. Send me an email at and put lessons that profit in the subject line.

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