Why I Love a Challenge (And You Should, Too!)



💫💫 Challenge accepted 💫💫


This is going to be short sweet and to the point. Why? I know you will be seeing a lot of New Years posts throughout your email and timeline. Yup. It happens every year.
For the second half of 2017, I gave myself the challenge to grow in three areas. (Speaking, Business model & Networking) Let’s be honest……..😳 Two of those make me extremely nervous. 😩 Challenges give you the momentum to level up. Well, at least it does for some people. Other people see a challenge and get frustrated. In order to see the success that you’ve dreamed about you must be willing to accept the challenge.
As an introvert, I’ve become comfortable live streaming but that’s because I have done 1,000 + videos combined on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope (Silver level broadcaster) and Instagram. Telesummits have helped me in a huge way as well. 💻📱 That means I need to put in the same amount of consistency into these three areas. So here is the first challenge, you are welcome to look at doing these three challenges to start off the new year.
Challenge #1 – Pitching to Colleges, Universities, Schools and Youth Programs 👩🏽‍🎓👨🏽‍🎓 Live LOUD Now webinar (get the replay)


This challenge is all about accountability, networking, and success! (Yes there is work involved) See when you have niched down on your topic you can create programs and events that can be used as your Core Curriculum. This is similar to a Speaker using their book as the template for all their speeches. I just had to get out of my fear zone and get it done.


I did great with this challenge and I acquired a few speaking opportunities because of it. I also connected with some other Speakers across the US so it served more than one purpose. I received great reviews from the other participants and added the challenge to my store for sale. One client said that they reconnected with a program that they previously did an event with who said that they would be in touch with them. Each touch matters.


Challenge #2 – Publish a book a month Write the Book & Market It (get the replay)


Yes, I am a little crazy for this one but I already have the content to create a book a month for 2018. You probably already have enough content as well but you aren’t confident that it is something that should go into a book. Many other people have that same thought holding them back from writing a book. It took me eight years to publish my first book because of some of the same thoughts that you have been having. So take a chance to break free from those thoughts and get the first or the third book published.


I’ve already published one in December and I have another book ready to go for January. Some of you are scratching your head right now trying to figure out how I am going to get it done. Check out the replay and you’ll understand how.


Challenge #3 – Get my Blog on (Yup, I’m weird. lol)


I am a writer by heart and blogging seems to be only right. I mean I can open up opportunities for other Authors through my blog by doing interviews or collaborations. I also get to play around with topic ideas for future projects. Yes, there are ways to monetize your blog as well but there is work you have to do to get to that point. My challenge was to begin writing at least one blog a week. Here is the thing that made me smile. I have blog topics that I started that just need to be finished. (28 to be exact) Those 28 blogs will take me halfway through the year.


Sometimes we forget that we already have the content we need. It may need to be repurposed. I also have my podcast that I can share via my blog. Awh shucks, I’m on a roll now. lol


What are you challenging yourself to do? I would love to hear more about it. Comment below or email me at contacts@altovisepelzer.com


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