63 Amazing Authors Who Published Their Book in 2017!

2017 has come and gone but its legacy will live on…….in this instance its the legacy of amazing Authors who braved paper cuts, contracts, graphic disappointments and even a few grammatical errors. An Authors journey has its twist, turns, and hills that are almost as intriguing as the books that they write. Hey, let’s be honest, an Authors life is not all rainbows and cotton candy.

With the ease in which Authors can now be the captain of their own publishing ship, don’t be catfished. There are still many pitfalls that an Author can fall into when saying yes to their passion. Before we get into our list I want to highlight a few of the more common things that Authors endure. (They tend to be universal no matter what genre you are writing)

These are some of the same topics that I highlight on the #SpeakEasy Podcast. (#SpeakEasy Podcast Replays)

  1. Authors are their own worse critic
  2. People often discourage Authors from writing fulltime
  3. There are very few who talk about the business side of being an Author
  4. Authors believe that their family and friends should buy their book (This one hurts)
  5. Deciding on a book cover can turn into a life or death situation
  6. Sleep happens just not usually when it should happen (Many an Author has awakened to keyboard prints on their face)
  7. Time either drags on or is extremely slow (Deadlines sneak up on us sometimes)
  8. You get nervous during the launch and want to unpublish the book
  9. After you publish the book you find grammatical errors
  10. You signed a contract and didn’t read the part about having to buy 250 books to sell and recoup the money you invested


I could go on but I’m sure you get the point. This list bonds Authors together in an odd way. The 63 Authors listed on this blog should be celebrated and acknowledged. If you purchase a book from this list I would love for you to come back and tell us what you thought about the book. Are you a 2017 author? Put your link in the comments so I can add you to this list.

  1. Leverage: The Hold My Hand Concept in Business, Culture, and Families by Altovise Pelzer
  2. The Quit Conspiracy: The Plot to Keeping Your Working J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) by Dawniel Winningham
  3. The 90 Day Success Stylist Tracker by Candra C Ward
  4. A New Level Mindset by Jessaca Rowe
  5. I Testify: Seven Days of Healing by Yoli Washington
  6. The Poet Chronicles Vol. I by Leroy Mckensie Jr.
  7. The Power of Networking by Dr. Sharon Hargo Porter
  8. Daily Moments in Life Devotional by Charmaine Smith
  9. My Thoughts: A Personal Empowerment Series by Albert Shaw
  10. Lose Weight Taste Great by Tamira Johnelle
  11. The Naked Truth: A Woman’s Journey to Self Love by Joie Cheng
  12. Sauces to Keep Your Man: A Mini Sauce Book by Charon Garing
  13. Beyond my Diagnosis: Steps to Overcoming a Sudden Illness by Devon Goods
  14. Doing Business God’s Way by Tonia Lynn Edwards
  15. The Secrets Within by Sylinda Mumphery
  16. Closet Confessions: The Chronicles of a Daddy’s Girl, Volume 2 by Kimberly Solomon
  17. 5 E-books The Inspire Courage & Enthusiasm by Alba Henderson
  18. The Secrets of Healthy Hair Care by Pamela Henshon
  19. The Incompetent Wife: Breaking Down Barriers by Keith Solomon
  20. Prepare For Takeoff: Overcome Beliefs & Behaviors Blocking Your Best Life by Antoine Garrett
  21. Soul Source by Regina Poole
  22. 50 Keys to Reach Your Destiny by Ozasee Thompson
  23. Surviving the Process: 21 Day Devotional by Andrea Smith
  24. Hidden Voices of Abuse: For Women All Around the World by Shavonda Robinson
  25. Standing in Our Greatness: Self Love Workbook by Reea Rodney
  26. Standing on His Word: Prayers and Devotional by Simene Walden
  27. The Pieces of my Platform by Stevii Aisha Mills
  28. A Grandfather Teaches the Lords Prayer by Randall Lechner
  29. Thrive Her: Women that Walk Confidently and Spiritually from Surviving to Thriving by Sonya Mckinzie
  30. Cooking on Purpose by Diana Riley
  31. Affirmations and Antidotes That Heal ME, Volume 2 by Dr. Marilyn E. Porter
  32. Dream to Grow Rich by Greg Walker
  33. The Wait of Success: How to become an Overnight Success in 7,300 Days by Valerie J. Lewis Coleman
  34. Eight Moments: When Honeysuckles Fall, book 2 by Carmen Hendrix
  35. Dear God Writing Journal: Conversations with the Father by Dumah Darling
  36. The Bounce Back: From Heartbreak to Wholeness by LisaBeth Willis
  37. The Courage to Walk Away: Lessons on Embracing Life’s Transitions by Erica Anderson Thomas
  38. The Language of Gratitude: It’s Power and Payoff by Marcia Whyte
  39. Automatic Money: How to Use Email Marketing to Attract New Clients and Make More Money in Your Business by Kiarra Solomon
  40. Digital Mastery for Women: The First 5 Digital Marketing Components You Need to Master in Your Business by Vanessa Collins
  41. The Hatred of love: Innocence Destroyed by Yolanda Poe
  42. The Broken Image by Tera Young
  43. Sponsorship for Influencers by Roberto Candelaria
  44. Renegotiating Greatness: 21 Lessons From Bold Entrepreneurs Who Have Built Successful Brands by Robin Wiggins
  45. Standing On My Healing: From Tainted to Chosen by Alicia E Diggs
  46. 8 Ways to Change Your Mindset Now by Anthony D. Walker
  47. The Bounce Back: Triumphant Stories of Resiliency and Perseverance by Vernessa Blackwell
  48. Clutter to Clarity Book – Helping Others Transform by Angel Richards
  49. Be Bold, Blessed and Beautiful by Nichole Carson
  50. Excuse Proof Leadership: A Get-It-Done System for Building a High Performing Team by Tracie James
  51. Underneath It All: My Story is Your Story by Cici Smallz
  52. The 30-Day Personal Prayer Revival by LaShele N Jones-Evans
  53. Not By My Own by Whit Devereaux
  54. Don’t Count Me Out by Taneya Pearson
  55. Beauty After Broken by Lonnie Grant
  56. One More Thing by M.C. Walker
  57. The Eyes Have It: The Story of Lashes, Looks and My Love for Them by Elizabeth Jennings
  58. E-books for Business by Julia Royston
  59. Blind Ambition by Wendi Hayman
  60. The Quandary: Feeling Responsible for Whats Not Mine by Sarita Lynn
  61. Talk Show Magic by Raven the Talk Show Maven
  62. 5 Steps to Church Hurt Recovery by Mercy Myles-Jenkins

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