3 Bad Biz Habits You Need to Unpack for this Year!

So last year I went to San Diego for a podcastining conference. Because of my need to finish a few tasks for my clients and myself, I waited for the day before to pack. I coordinated outfits, packed swimming clothes and went through my checklist. (All moms have a packing checklist that we go over everytime our children go on an overnight trip) In order not to have a huge mess on my hands I decided that I needed to begin putting things in my duffle bag.

Here lies the problem……..I couldn’t find it. I looked everywhere but had no success. Then I remembered that my girls had gone on a trip to summer camp right before the new school year began. Do I dare go try to find it in their room? Only if I want someone to send in a search party after me. Lol So I waited for them to get home and had one of them bring it to me.

No matter how many times I had already told them to unpack their bags when they get home from an event………..there is always something in the bag. This time was no different. It made me think about the journey I have been taking in my business. What was I still holding in my mental or emotional bag? Hmmmmm!!! An even better question is what would I be able to do if I unpacked the unnecessary things.

3 Things you need to unpack so you can be successful.

1. Your understanding of what failure is….

Often times we think of failure as a dead end in business. I have grown to look at moments when I don’t quite hit my target goal as an opportunity. That was not the case in the beginning. I found myself spending a large amount of time beating myself up about opportunities that I missed. So what changed?

Failure is an option…………it’s just not the first one! ~ Altovise Pelzer

I got a coach. Someone that would not hesitate to tell me if I made a wrong decision but would also keep me going in the right direction. I also gave myself the grace to be mad but not the grace to throw a putty party. For awhile I actually had a timer to give myself time to be upset. It worked and now I no longer need the timer.

2. Your need to do it ALL!

This one hurts us daily. Let’s be honest we are not a super hero or an octopus. Trying to accomplish everything without a team and support system will leave you drained. We often want to save money by doing things ourselves but we end up losing, potential clients and precious time.

There are certain things that we should invest in and some we can do on our own. If you are still working a full time job having a team can mean the difference between success and failure.

3. Shiny Object Syndrome

Heck yeah it’s a real thing! 🤦🏾‍♀️ Why do think people collect FREE webinars and FREE tip sheets like Pokémon cards? Stop getting overly excited by the next FREE thing and start taking inventory of what you already have. You’ll notice that a lot of things you have invested in are duplicates of what you already have.

I’ll admit it, staying on the cutting edge makes you want to know it all and see it all. There have been a lot of things that I have downloaded and listened that was something I already knew. Do an inventory before you click that buy button. What is already on your phone, laptop or tablet?

These are just three of the habits that are holding you back from success. Do you know of any others? Let me know in the comments.

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