Why I Love Snow Day (And You Should, Too!)

So, Y’all know I’m super silly, right? Snow days have become #mompreneur shenanigans. Text messages between me and my girls have had people laughing across social media platforms.

Here is the thing tho, as an entrepreneur, I’m excited when snow days happen. My babies are home safe and we have a good laugh! When I was working a job, snow days made me frustrated. Living paycheck to paycheck meant I had to figure out which bill wouldn’t get paid or would only be particularly paid. There wasn’t a way to save at the time.

What made it worse was that I really wanted to be home with my kids. Jobs don’t care about safety and often have employees coming in during harsh circumstances & horrible weather conditions. Parking lots full of ice or active shootings scenes within walking distance were frightening at times.

So, I’ve learned to love snow days. Other parents may not like it and I can definitely understand their viewpoint. Each parent has their own love/hate relationship with them. What’s your love/hate story with snow days?

*P.S. – They are calling for snow where I live this week. Lol, I’m already preparing my text responses. ☺️

P.S.S. I recently had an incident that I definitely have to share. So…………Google translate did me wrong. Lol. On a recent text shenanigans session with my teen girls I text them both the same statement.

“When you get home you’re going to wash the porch”

I texted one teen in Korean and one teen in French like I always do. The response from one was “I love you mom, stick with Spanish” and the other just said “I love you”. 🤦🏾‍♀️ That was because I said in Korean “What the hell, when you get home wash the pork” and in French I said “When you get home wash the pig” 😒🤷🏽‍♀️ Clearly I did not check what I had sent. Needless to say, we were all laughing out loud when they got home.

What made it even funnier is that they got a guinea pig for Christmas so they thought I was actually going to make them wash the guinea pig when they got home. I’m still laughing about this one. My future grandkids will hear about this at some point. 🤣

What is something that you have grown to love now that you are an entrepreneur?

(No pigs were harmed in the sending of these messages! 🤣)

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