My Superpower is my Voice! 5 ways I use my superpowers!

Hi, my name is Altovise Pelzer and I’m a professional Speaker. 😁 I know we have been hearing this line, or ones similar, more and more in recent years. I mean errbody is speaking right? Nope, wrong! Actually, I’ve found that there are still a huge amount of people being silent. I’m a superhero with a unicorn horn and glasses ready to get the world talking. (Don’t judge me!)

y am I a superhero? I am a superhero because of who I am without a mask and cape.

Who am I? I am an overcomer! I am an entrepreneur that has experienced being homeless, the death of a loved one, the effects of domestic violence and molestation, divorce, kinship care and being an African American woman living paycheck to paycheck. I am the statistic…….no matter if I win or lose so I might as well be a winning statistic.

y am I sharing all that? I believe that in a society where our vision has been so skewed by media we often forget that Public Speakers are people, Entrepreneurs are people and Authors are people too. The only difference between them and you is a choice………a choice to do more than the average person. It is the things that we have overcome, lost, regain and experienced that gives us our strength. Adversity is a painful motivator.

hat does that mean for my clients? Well, they call me a cliff pusher for a reason. lol I take my experience, my past and my pain to use it as fuel to propel women to Define, Accept and Use their Unique Voice. I equip them to stop wasting time, energy and money in order to have success in business.

This past week I watched Cool Runnings with my babies. We laughed and laughed but it also started a discussion. You see the movie is full of my idea of what a Professional Speaker does. I won’t give away the storyline but it pretty freaking awesome! Lol
Create Change
Will each of these happen every time you show up? That depends on the amount of time you put into perfecting your superpowers. Will you reap financial benefits? If you find out the business side of being a superhero then yes you can. See we determine the value we give as a speaker, author, Coach or entrepreneur.
Here are the five ways I most use my superpowers:
What’s your superpower and how do you use it? I’d love to have you on the #SpeakEasy Podcast

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  1. Great post, infortunately I don’t know my superpower. I will have to think about that!

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    1. You may not know it yet but you will. A lot of times it is connected to some significant event in our lives.

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      1. Thanks for the encouragement


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