5 Reasons you should be Live Streaming if you’re an Introvert! (Becoming the Ambivert)

Live streaming is still in its toddler years but look at how far it’s come! One of the key elements being used by entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, artist and even those who are just bored to connect people across the world. That’s a huge step towards breaking barriers.

The things is………live streaming is a tool that can boost your email list, client list, sales and confidence. Introverts often over analyze things so the fear of pushing that go live button comes with a whole other set of obstacles we must endure. That shouldn’t be the reason why we don’t use…….it should push us to use it.

Networking and going to large events are never at the top of the list. Click the link below for access to my Live Stream Toolbox to get help with live streaming.

Live Stream Toolbox

1. Trolls

The ultimate bullies hangout online and they are good at what they do. Starting out, I had to endure comments about my teeth, my hair, my eyes (one is lazy) and even what I was talking about. Sheesh! They didn’t let me rest and every time I showed up…….so did they. So I let the trolls run my numbers up in more ways than one.

When live streaming, you start to realize the power of the quick comeback and flexibility with your content. For me, being from Philly, that was already something in my blood. I’m small and often seen as the odd man out so you learn to think on your feet. This proved to be a valuable asset when I was speaking at an event back in 2017. I had to adjust a 30 minute speech into a 10 minute speech with 2 minutes notice. (I did it in 8 minutes. Check out the Hold My Hand replay)

It’s a great way to block out those anti everything people in your life as well. If you can handle trolls, you can handle anything.

2. Survey Your Audience

I don’t know why but I have found that entrepreneurs as a whole DON’T do surveys enough! Maybe they are scared of the results or just but don’t want to do the work but it sets them at a disadvantage. Surveying the audience allows you to know exactly what they want.

Live streaming allows you to survey a live audience. Ask questions and get real time responses about products, services and events. That ultimately saves you time. As an introvert this takes the place of calling people to ask them questions that may not even pertain to them. We get comfortable talking to those we know closely but they are not our target audience and so the research is often wrong.

3. Accountability

When you are consistent, your audience will be looking for you in the daytime with a flashlight! I can’t tell you how many time during the #morningpress series that people would inbox me moments before to see if I was coming on. That tells you two things……..1. People want to hear what you have to say 2. People are watching you closely. Sometimes even the ones you doubted would ever be paying attention.

Live Stream is the opportunity to have your own show. (Yes, this is definitely your Oprah moment! Lol) No contracts, no gimmicks and nobody telling your what you have to do. You pretty much have freedom to do a show about whatever you like. Here is the kicker………no matter what show you do there is always someone that will watch. ☺️🎥

4. Networking

Networking events make me itch! No…..really! Standing around attempting to strike up a conversation with random strangers shoving business cards into your hand! What’s not to love right. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Well, that’s one of the reasons I have created networking events that differ greatly. (Love My Voice Empowerment and Networking Tour)

Online, there are billions of people that have creative ideas, money, resources and time. Live streaming is the way to find them or even better have them find you. When you talk about the three key things that you should always be sharing, people will flock to you with opportunities. (Shared in the Live Stream Toolbox)

Still not convinced?

5. Community

Live Streaming builds community! Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups and event periscope groups all can be built with live streaming. Again, there is no magic pill but consistency, content and character will change it all for your good. Here is where the introvert blossoms into the ambivert!

You can build a community around anything! Like, no seriously I mean anything. I have a following on IG of people who love unicorns. 🦄 You Like Star Trek……talk about it, create scenes with LEGO’s…….dress up as the character. Rock out!! Go to a Star Trek convention and Live Stream…..watch what happens!

Have you tried live streaming? Which is your favorite platform? How often do you Live Stream? Right now the Live Stream Toolbox is available for $17.

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