7 Ways Entrepreneurs Suck at Relationships and 2 Key Reasons Why! (Is this you?)

So, here it is in a nutshell! Entrepreneurs SUCK at relationships, well a growing number of them anyway! You can try to say I’m wrong but you’ve seen it too. People show up in your inbox with something to sell but have never had a conversation with you. Heck, they don’t even say Happy Birthday to you on your timeline.

Ultimately, I’ve found seven areas that have contributed to the decline in relationship building. In the past year I have been working tirelessly to counteract these things in my own business and life. (Its much easier said than done) The results have been amazing but I’m ready to step it up a few notches.

This is definitely a time for reflection or self butt kicking.

1. Heavily reliant on social media

2. Don’t attend local events

3. Don’t attend any conferences/summits

3. Only talk to people on your phone if it’s about money

4. Stopped adding time to your schedule or calendar to spend with friends

5. Put blinders on and forgot to check in or on your fellow entrepreneurs, family and friends

6. More interested in posting pictures of success than actually being successful

7. You are always in multitasking mode

Bonus one for Authors:

1. Your online community knows about your book but your local library and bookstore don’t (🤦🏾‍♀️ This one was soooo me)

The major culprits are Automation & Success!

So what’s the deal? I’ve found that there are several things that make us want to communicate less to more people and automation is at the top of the list. We have become so focused on talking to people without actually talking to them that we lost the motivation to show up in person. We focus on sounding good enough to sell without sounding like salesperson.

The funny thing is that we see the ones that have been successful at this in the past are now finding that they have lost touch with their clients and customers. Big name companies became reliant on sending the same old birthday coupon instead of creating something unique. New companies have capitalized on creating the unique experience that their customers are interested in. I agree, automation is an important piece of your business but when you ONLY use automation…………you have now put yourself in a box.

We see big name influencers who shout from the mountain tops about the wonderful world of automation. They claim big success in having people show up to webinars where they’re really not there and offers that lead them to buying things they don’t need. Sounds like they’re really about the “people” right?

Do you use automation in your business? If so, how much do you feel is too much? Do you ever find yourself losing touch with the outside world or your customers?

So now we have to go backwards and look at the root of it all. How we define success plays a part is how far we go down the rabbit hole. There is an alarming rate of people who determine their own success by comparing it to the success of others. Bad move! Success is not now, nor will it ever be, a one size fits all model. (That means that just because Facebook Ads made some else’s business successful, it doesn’t mean your Facebook Ads journey will be successful)

A great way to fail is to try to duplicate the wins of someone else without taking into account their loses ~ Altovise

Do you find yourself getting in fan mode? Where you run to try whatever someone successful says works. (Funny thing is that most are getting paid affiliate sales or commission to do so) How do you detach from the hype of the “as said by” ads?

For the last year I have really cut back in the Webinar hype and success pump up. In doing so, I’ve found that success for me included Giggles and watching strange shows with my children. (Is it just my teenagers that find the weirdest shows?) Success was being able to pay my bills without going to a job that drained me emotionally and physically. It feels good!

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