The #1 reason entrepreneurs fail……..trying to be the independent toddler with their business.

I did it!!!! No this is not a potty training story……….although it kind of is. I travel by plane, car and train to events but on my trip to Atlanta I finally did it. I learned how to turn off the vent above my seat.

Hey……..don’t you turn your nose up at my accomplishment. I spent many a flight with my teeth chattering looking crazy snuggled in a blanket. Why tho? Honestly, I refused to ask for assistance or just reach up and try to turn it off.

Sounds corny I know but it’s true. The worse part is that many of you do the exact same things. There is this fear of asking for help when we are unsure or the fear that if we try and get it wrong…..the apocalypse will happen. Lol I assure you, it did not happen.

So what did happen? I had a comfortable flight even without my blanket. I also had an epiphany! 🤔 How many of you……yea you reading this page, struggle with asking for help? Even more importantly, how many of my potential clients who may see my posts, emails, podcast or blog need help but are scared to come forward?

Am I worth it?

Okay now what changed for me? Well I did a broadcast the other day where I talked about determining your worth or someone else will do it for you. (Determine Your Worth Replay) Well, simply put…….am I worth being comfortable or not? It may sound like a weird question to ask but sometimes we have to start small and work our way up.

As an introvert this is even more difficult because questions whirl through our heads the moment we realize that we need help. We question what that help will cost..emotionally, physically & financially. The thing is this, what is it costing you by not having that support or guidance?

Where do I find the help I need?

It starts with a call. 🤔 Most, if not all, mentors, coaches and success programs have what is called a discovery call. It can be anywhere from 15-30 minutes long and it is to determine if they are a good fit for you and vice versa. NEVER sign up for a program without doing your research. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to ask to see or hear reviews.

That conversation allows you to determine what the cost of commitment will be. Most people completely miss this step and end up over extending themselves financially, emotionally or even physically. This can happen even with free programs, webinars, tip sheets and ebooks. How many have you collected on your laptop or phone but you have never went back to them?

I’ve found that having that call creates a plan of success for the client. Looking to move forward or get some support? (Get on my calendar)

Having support pushes you out of your comfort zone!

Let’s be honest………..having the right people around you makes you go further. They question your limits and fears but without that push many would have missed great opportunities. I know I would not be where I am without that push.

Having accountability can give you a 95% chance of success. That is huge and should motivate you to not only seek out help but also be willing to accept help. Accepting help is difficult for some because of past hurt and pain. This is where the rubber hits the road.

So will you get what you need? 🤷🏽‍♀️

Let’s connect!

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  1. Sometimes it’s as simple as “who you know”. Being around the right people can help motivate you and push you to higher limits. Networking is definitely one of the keys to success. Great post

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    1. Very true! Networking and collaboration are key eliminates in the success journey.


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