5 Tips for the Introverted Entrepreneur 

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Yes……..introverts of the world are in every aspect of business from executive positions to entrepreneurial endeavors. We’ve been learning how to not only swim with the sharks but take over the water. Nope it wasn’t as hard as we believed. We just had to learn to work in our strengths and get help in the areas where we are not as strong in. (We are by no means weak!)

Want to know how you can be successful as an introverted entrepreneur? Check out these five tips.

1. Build a solid team

Yea, I know the whole interviewing process is daunting but you can always get referrals . Also websites like guru.com or fiverr.com are great for finding talented people to help you in areas where you may not be the strongest. The price is pretty reasonable and it’s a business deduction.

Delegation is a task we need to become familiar with in order to be successful. Having a Virtual Assistant has allowed me to work in my zone of greatness and have better use of my time

2. Taking time out moments

I know many will tell you entrepreneurship is all about the grind and you have to always be grinding to build your business, but I am here to tell you sometimes you have to take a time out.

Taking a time out allows you to destress and refocus. It also allows you to pull away from the extroverted work and make time for you.

3. Time Management

Time management is a crucial part of success for any entrepreneur. You must learn how to prioritize what is important and what is not important so you can organize your day for success.

Proper time management will make you be productive and not just busy.

4. Perfect the art of saying no

Perfecting the art of saying no is learning how to set boundaries. You have every right to say no to anything you do not want to do. And you never have to feel guilty about saying no.

Say no to anything that is not something you want to do and understand you do not have to explain yourself.

5. Phone a friend

You do not have to do everything by yourself. I know it’s not always easy to reach out for help especially as an introvert but you must have at least one person you can reach out to for support.

Applying these five tips will help you grow a successful business even as an introvert. Now is your time to take over the water and not let the sharks pull you down.

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