Success Requires These Three Things

When you win you often find that it took more than what you originally planned to give. Honestly, most times we start with a very distorted view of how we will be successful? We have an idea and run with it. Right? Ah or we play the game of Sorry, getting bumped back or waiting on our number to come up.

At least that’s how it feels at times!

There are a small percentage of people who plan their success out early on. I mean graphs, extensive marketing strategies and the whole thing but there are a growing number of people who stumble upon success through trials and errors. Not saying that you don’t have a plan because you may but more importantly you have the determination.

I learn from my failures as much as I do from my success. ~ Altovise Pelzer

Three things that I have found threaded in my clients success stories, as well as my own are that you need to do these three things.

  1. Make a decision

There will ALWAYS be a decision that needs to be made. This creates a panic in a lot of people because they are fearful of making the wrong decision. Here is the things……even if you make a wrong decision it brings you closer to making the right decision. The road to success is a series of twists, turns, valleys, hills and mountains. Don’t get hung up on the decision making process because you delay your success.

Making a decision can be easier with someone holding you accountable. It puts a fire under your butt. Often times we overthink some things or we miss some key details that someone else can catch for us. It helps a lot.

Also, another tip is to create a decision making process like in the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. Imagine how far you get when you just make a decision. No fear, no second guessing. Well this is what the 5 second rule is all about.

2. Take Action

How is taking action different from making a decision, you may be wondering. Well, making a decision is the mental piece of it. Everything starts in the mind. Taking action is when you put some steps with that mindset shift. I’ve found that daily action steps can move me closer to success. (In business and in life)

This section would also cover your habits. Yea……the things people see and don’t see that affect your effectiveness. This includes time management and the comparison between being busy and being productive. We live in a very busy society but most are not productive. Determine the steps you need to take and then take them like in Crushing It by Gay Vaynerchuk.

3. Trust the Process

I believe this third part was the hardest for me. I found myself following everyone else’s model instead of creating my own and it lead to a lot of false starts. There comes a moment when things shift and you lead with a mindset that you either win or you learn. Hey you gotta crack some eggs to make an omelette and as a Coach there are things I had to endure to best help my clients.

Don’t get me wrong……..I’d much rather the straight road as opposed to the won with all the twists and turns. That straight road doesn’t always lead to success so be careful. I had to trust that the success that is created today can be duplicated. No matter who’s success that may be.

What have been done success tips that you have learned along the way? I would love for you to share them.

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