Top 5 social media trends for Speakers

Being a paid and successful Speaker relies heavily on three key things. Those things are exposure, networking that leads to exposure and tools that maximize exposure. (Are you seeing the underlying importance here?) Don’t get me wrong…..your content needs to be something relatable and fresh but without exposure no one will ever hear it.

In recent years people have completely ignored some updates and tools that can expand their business as a Speaker. They are either too shy, too busy or just don’t know how to gain or leverage exposure in the technology era. Let me be clear by saying that most of these things take strategy and time but the return on your investment into using them is great. Don’t believe me? Well come back to this post at the end of the year and see if I was right.

The five key social media trends for Speakers are:

~ Live Stream

I’ve watched for a solid three years so far as people have built, launched and scaled their business with the use of live streaming. It is a quick way to build the “know, like & trust” factor and puts your brand in front of a global audience. Consistency has been a key element in the success that I have seen in my business as well.

Here is one of those tools where your strategy can be the difference between success and failure. I’m not talking about a script……..I mean a plan to engage and convert viewers. I’ve seen it done repeatedly. I did a training for my clients with the essentials for getting started. (You can click on the link below and used coupon code: yourvoice)

Live Stream Toolbox

Video can do some amazing things for your business. Live streaming is definitely a huge piece of the pie but it’s not the whole pie.

~ Stories

A large amount of platforms have incorporated the Stories option. Why? People are always on the go and want quickly consumable content. This can be a win win for those who are still fighting the go live bug. You can record short snippets, post quotes and yes photos too with many different fun options.

How does this help the Speaker get paid? Well this is where you build your community through updates, polls, q & a’s and even mishaps. Lol Let them know about new course releases, upcoming event and more. This is also how people find out who you are and what you talk about so they can link up with you as a speaker for their event.

Hey, that’s why I said you needed a strategy. This is not a magic pill to success but it’s definitely an escalator in the right direction. (Okay, so I know that not everyone like escalators but you get the point)

~ Virtual Summits

Live events are a must for any speaker but many miss the opportunity of being a presenter for a Virtual Summit. No travel, no expenses and you still can build your email list and sell. It’s a no brained in my book. I’ve seen a few successful Speakers own the Virtual Summit market. Some have even talked about getting more sales and engagement virtually than they have in person.

I have collaborated and hosted summits that reached anywhere from a couple thousand viewers to the highest being 20,000 viewers. Some Speakers leveraged that opportunity while others saw no bites at all. Here is that “S” word again………strategy. Here is a way to sell the summit, sell your topic and sell your products. Most don’t like to sell so they don’t even attempt to have a strategy.

As we are closing out the Speakers slots for the World Voice Summit happening the whole month of February, I’m excited to connect with 80 + Speakers on this project. Different stories, different niches but they all have a heart to help people grow. I know the benefits, and soon enough, they will know the benefits too. (Attendee tickets are free)

~ Virtual Meetups

No, I am not talking about hooking up or dating. Lol I’m referring to connecting with people all over the world. Do virtual meetups allows you to connect with people all over the world for collaborating and networking. Get out your zone without leaving your neighborhood…..doesn’t that sound great?

Live meetups will never be obsolete but the mentality that is attached to them most definitely is. No more showing up with 500 business cards to hand out. Instead, create genuine relationships built off of common niches, uncommon ideas or the Eagles winning the super bowl. (Oh we will be talking about that for awhile. Lol)

Plug In: 25 Power Networking Tips for Introverts, Startups and the Success Obsessed

~ Podcasting

Podcasting continues to be an untapped gold mine when it comes to exposure. People often will do one of a few things when it comes to podcast.

~ Won’t do the work to find them

~ Don’t know how to leverage the opportunity

~ Forget that podcasts are evergreen (don’t provide a freemium)

Yup… clients have received many a tongue lashing about this. You leave money on the table by not taking advantage of this resource. Remember that people buy from who they know like and trust but if they never hear you how can they do that? It begs the question of how bad you want the success that is on your vision board.

You can always be a guest on the #SpeakEasy Podcast by going to => or listen and leave a review on iTunes =>

Until next time………keep pressing it out!

~ Altovise

Founder of the World Voice League


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