BEWARE!!!! Only the Daydream is being televised!

On this past MLK Day, I have to admit that I was both excited and perplexed by the dream that Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of. Yes………I understand the words and as an African American single mother of four teens I darn sure understand the meaning. Yet the last few years have really opened up my mind to how something can be both close and far away. This is clearly a fight where round after round we’ve seen some left hooks and body shots……………….but no knock outs! At least not yet.


Don’t get me wrong, progress has been made but when do we no longer settle for inches while others take a mile. Oddly enough social media, heck media in general plays a huge role in what is being televised. It’s almost as if we go from one extreme to the other and it ends up being click bait or highlight reels dousing our dreams with water.


The actual dream takes planning, action and consistency to be achieved but that is not always what is easily seen. I mean how many would want a 7 figure business if it meant that they could lose their marriage or that a child may turn to drugs while you are traveling the world? I would guess….not many! Yet, still people hope and throw caution to the wind in an attempt to achieve something better.

So this is the moment when you realize the importance of community and support. You understand that the dream will not be televised but it can be realized and achieved. The number of real connections you make this year WILL matter. How you demonstrate your dedication to serving people and impacting social change no matter how big or small matters greatly!

I learned that lesson and added some new members to my team this year. My networking is going to be on 200% both locally and abroad. You may not always see what I’m doing but at some point the impact will be felt.

I hope you make an impact this year as well!

Check out my book Plug In: 25 Power Networking Tips for Introverts, Startups and the Success Obsessed

These are some of the ways that I have networked my way to success and I’m sure they can work for you too. Keep pushing to the next level because someone needs you.

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