Why Women GET LEFT BEHIND IN  REAL ESTATE with Chiquita Lindsay



Women only own 1% of the world land but we do two-thirds of the worlds work. Women hold up 50% of the sky 

but only get paid until November and men get paid to the end of the year. There’s a big difference in women’s pay versus men. Women ceo’s that work for big companies  work 3 times harder than their counter parts just to earn equal pay. 

     While someone else is raising her family and spending quality time with them. Most women think real estate investing is a mans job work. Investing in real estate doesn’t require muscles it just requires knowledge and action The late Godfather of Soul has a song that said It’s a mans world and it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl. 

    I say it’s a woman world and men would cease to exist without a woman or a girl. Women that have stepped out of their comfort zone have made millions in real estate investing. There are plenty of real estate agents and brokers and they make money and work very hard. There are more women real estate agents than men and that’s as far as we take it.

   Real estate investing is the fastest way to gain wealth for women. You do not need a real estate license to be an investor. Women get left behind because of lack of knowledge and fear. We as women have been programmed by society to be everything to everyone else and multitaskers but not to create wealth, how  to survive on just having enough. Women are in danger of living retiring and dieing in proverty. Owning and investing in real estate will retire you at any age from working a 9-5.


Real estate investing in my opinion the quickest way to become a millionairess,live your best life and leave a legacy for your family. 



Chiquita Lindsay

Real Estate Investment Coach





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