5 Shots I Took That Changed my Business

So let’s take a moment to get real about entrepreneurship by first stating the fact that only a select few are 100 % confident in every opportunity that they say yes to. I mean honestly………fear can be a good thing sometimes. I had to push past my fear in order to try these three things and when I did I never looked back. I hear others talk about how they would never do this or could never do that and it frustrates me. Why would you completely neglect doing something that could potentially explode your revenue…..legally and sometimes for free???

  1. Podcasting
  2. Book Publishing
  3. Live Streaming
  4. Speaking
  5. Coaching

You are probably looking at this list and shaking your head. “But I’m shy…….I’m an introvert……I don’t know how it works………I’m too old….” Yea, I have pretty much heard all the excuses for why you won’t but let me share some reasons why you should. These five areas were NOT my first choice when it came to re-branding my business. As an introvert the idea of making money without having to do big events peeked my interest but being on camera shot that little birdie out of the sky. lol

Often times I hear people talk about struggling to grow in their business. Most times these people have taken on the strategy of a coach or guru that just isn’t working well for them. I was that person. I went from trying everything to focusing my attention on a few things that I found joy in doing. Video for me was a huge leap outside of my comfort zone but it turned into a huge asset.

Check out the replay from a live where I broke down how each of these have helped me.


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