What Chik Fil A Customer Service can Teach you About Networking!

I had the opportunity to do a training for the Boss it Live Community recently talking about one of my favorite subjects……Networking. Networking has become a doorway to opportunities, revenue and collaborations. So what does that have to do with Chik Fil A? Well beside it being the greatest place on earth……………their commitment to services is the inspiration for my training.

Service, for me, has become the core standard when it comes to networking. Having a clear understanding of what I have to offer as well as what I need allows me to be able to build great relationships. It also holds me in a position of being honest with myself about what I am able to do and not do. Over committing to things is a sure fire way to doom a new relationship before it even starts.

Why does this replace the 500 business card model?

Most times when you hand out business cards you have not had a conversation with the person in order to be memorable. Without being memorable, your card gets stored away in a drawer, a wallet, a pocket book or the dreaded Ziploc bag graveyard. (Yes, that is a real thing…..really it is) By changing up your methods a lasting impression is left on each person you speak to. Now it is on you to make that impression a good…..I can’t do that piece for you.

Catch the replay below to find out what other ways Chik Fil A teaches you about networking:

Altovise Pelzer


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