Navigating the tagging and DM wars on social media!

Okay so this entrepreneur journey is just that right……..a journey and you learn along the way. Yet some of y’all entrepreneurs have been left back and are still in the pre-k of marketing and building a customer base. (Clears throat …….) I get it that you want maximum exposure but common courtesy needs to be used. Even with the updates that many social media platforms have implemented there are still an alarming number of offenders.


Don’t get me wrong, I was in the same boat at once. It didn’t take me long to realize that tagging and random messages were not not adding to my bottom line. On top of that it is not a best use of time when you think about your marketing. So I purposely split this post in two by giving the offender and the offended some great advice. (I’m not about to give you a whole marketing strategy tho…..nice try)


Let’s start with the offenders. Here are some things to help ya out:

💫My inbox is not and I repeat apart of a respectable marketing plan.

💫Posting your link is in my live stream or post feed is not a respectable marketing plan.

💫Tagging me in ya post about something I have not requested…….😠 is not a respectable marketing plan


There are a few ways you can change this around. Create a network of people you can cross promote with. This is the best use of time and gives you an expanded market. It also exposes your audience to something a little different than just your posts. (This keeps them engaged if you create the right network) The other option is to simply ASK. If you build a business relationship with someone you can ask if they would be willing to share your information. Asking goes a long way and may even open other opportunities.


Now for the offended who is fuming with each tag or message. So how do you remedy this annoyance? I’m glad you asked.

  1. Change your settings for your timeline = You can choose what goes on your timeline and what doesn’t
  2. When you keep getting tagged by certain people on your friend’s list determine if they really need to be on your list = do some unfriending …….period
  3. You can block people from messaging you = this is more for repeat offenders that you may not want to remove from your page


All jokes aside, social media is a great asset for us entrepreneurs. We have the the opportunity to create, launch and scale a business from an idea. Although the sky is the limit….we still need to use caution in using social media. As recent changes have tightened up the reins on what can and can’t be done, we still have social media as a powerful marketing tool.

How are you using Social Media for your business?



Altovise Pelzer

Founder |World Voice League



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