The 3 Powerful Uses of Community for Entrepreneurs

Real life happens in entrepreneurship and as I prepared for the Reactivate Me Accountability call one morning I took a few moments to reflect.
A superpower of having a supportive community is that you learn to get out of your own way! 😩😍 Yea, I know that it sounds pretty cliche but it is true. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it!


You become an influencer when you have a community

Communities will rally around you, your products and even fight the haters and naysayers on your behalf but they also keep you on your toes. Early users of Vine, Youtube, Periscope and even Facebook Live have been able to see this first hand. They have gained many loyal followers who will show up consistently to engage, troll or debate. (It makes for some interesting comments) It as also made them an influencer. Not because they have a large following, although that helps, but because they can persuade their audience to do things.

I have to say that now is the greatest time ever to walk in your purpose because you have the ability to connect with like minded people who want to support you. Don’t believe me? Look at how influencers are creating change in the eCommerce market. Look at the marches and movements being started.

Change is happening whether you are moving with the wave or not! That is one of the things we push in the World Voice League community. It is about you starting a movement and not having to think that you have to do it by yourself.


Come join the discussion over in our free Facebook Community.



Altovise Pelzer

Founder | World Voice League

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