Panicked – Panic attacks and entrepreneurship

One of the scariest moments in my life happened to me just last night. My oldest daughter had a panic attack. I knew everything to do to help her become calm and within minutes I had a smile on her face and she was laughing instead of crying. My daughters were molested when they were younger and often times people believe that the effects of molestation/rape should go away quickly. They don’t. 😥 Here are the things that I did to help her in that moment. (I’m thankful that I work at home because if I was still at a job I might not have been home when it happened) I prayed first.

1. Deep Breaths (Kept having her take deep breaths as I talked to her)

2. I had her sit down and close her eyes

3. I asked her what the date was for today (last night)

4. I asked what the date was the day before

5. I asked her what color were the fireworks she saw

6. During the time that I was talking to her in a low calm voice I had my son put essential oils in the diffuser closest to us and turn it on

* Panic attacks are brought on by stress and are defined as an intense thought of fear or danger. The person can’t breath, starts to sweat and becomes disoriented. Their words are not always clear because their thoughts are not clear so to someone else they may seem to be rambling about some insignificant thing or making a big deal out nothing. Stay calm… helps them to become calm. Hope this helps someone.

The business side of things!

As entrepreneurs we take on a lot of excess stress as we maneuver everything from marketing to live streaming. It can become hectic if we not deliberate in our actions. So even though I shared ways to deal with a panic attack…..below are some ways to keep them from happening.


  1. Be clear about your goals
  2. Learn to delegate and not just when you get exhausted
  3.  Take a mental me break daily.


We struggle with these three things because our business is our baby. That being said, we miss opportunities when we are all over the place. As a rule of thumb I started to focus more on being the expert in my zone of greatness and not on creating a landing page. (Long story short…..I tried to create a landing page and it took me three days. Should have just outsourced it)


I realize this is an uncomfortable transition but it is necessary for the well being of your family, your business and YOU! Have you dealt with panic attacks before?



Altovise Pelzer

Founder | World Voice League


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