A call with the Black GodFather – Clarence Avant


Let me start this off by saying that I did not get a phone call from Mr. Avant but after watching the Black Godfather Netflix documentary I felt as if I had. Oh and I don’t mean that ole feel good call either. I feel like I got the tongue lashing of a coach mixed with the back hand of Big Mama. This was an odd feeling for me because I don’t have my mother, my father, my grandparents or great grandparents to trade memories with.


Before today I had never heard the name Clarence Avant and after today everyone that comes in contact with me will know who he is. The simplest explanation I can give is that he embodies what I see myself doing with the World Voice League. I won’t give away spoilers for those who haven’t seen the documentary yet but I have three reasons that my butt will be sore for a while as I recover from my whoopin.



Relationship building


At a time when people are so quick to look at the number of their followers on social media Clarence shows us that relationships matter. He is the guy that knows a guy for sure. I’ve long been an advocate of creating community partnerships and building long standing relationships when it comes to business. (Not everyone has been in agreement with this type of mindset) It goes against the agenda that is currently being pushed.


So when I saw the relationships that Clarence had helped to build I was hooked. (I have probably watched the documentary at least three times) It reinforced my mission as well as a popular scripture about wanting friend’s. Being able to call someone up and talk to them will always give you a lifeline. Lifelines are needed in order to launch and grow a business. Having someone with experience that can guide you is a valuable asset that many take for granted.


Community Empowerment


There are many armchair vigilantes screaming about rebuilding communities. Many are not activist or even financial supporters of any cause. They sit from behind a laptop, computer or phone and type about the injustice. Not to bring awareness but just to be in the discussion.


Community Empowerment takes you lifting a hammer or giving a dollar. Let me explain what I mean. You have to be willing to take some action that will spark change. Do a monthly neighborhood cleanup. Create a fund for the graduating seniors on your block. Show up with more than just a few angry face emojis.


The reason why activism is looked down on is because you see people show up at a rally or March but you don’t see any change. Sometimes you don’t see the change because of the time it take to change or because the change is small. A small change is still change and so you voice is needed at rallies and marches but your hands, head and heart are needed too.




If it didn’t fit into Clarence’s vision he wasn’t gonna do it. You would then be left with a choice to either show him how it fit or walk away. He wasn’t trying to win the popularity vote. There was an attitude that would rise up if you attempted to sway him that could cut through brick. Watch yourself because he did not hold his tongue.


In business you see a lot of people trying to play the field in order to reach the most people. It usually leaves them frustrated and ready to quit. They eagerly attempt to be like Jeff Bezos now forgetting where he started. Hey, I can’t say this loud enough, everyone is not your client or customer. What


Oh there were many other reasons that my backside is sore after watching this documentary but I don’t want to spoil the whole thing for you. (If it is still on Netflix) It sparked a joy within me to show me that I am on the right track. So onward I go! 



Altovise Pelzer

Founder | World Voice League




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