Conversations Create Cash

As an introvert, being on the phone for any amount of time can be an interesting experience. Ah, but as a business owner, there is no getting around doing discovery calls for new clients and client upgrades. (At least in the coaching and consulting industry) Let’s be honest here and look at the big picture.

Conversations create cash!

Now what many people don’t understand is that there is a way to have a conversation even before they get on your phone or even on your email list. I’m consistently talking to my target audience which has created easier conversations when they get on the phone with me. That’s an aha moment I had recently after doing a discovery call. People who have been following me any length of time get on the phone ready to work with me.

So, how do I do it?

Through blogging, podcasting and live streaming, I am continuously showing people who I am. Now it’s hard to tell who someone is on one thirty-minute live stream but imagine watching someone for 30 minutes a day over a month. My consistency and content show people my expertise. It also builds the know, like and trust bond between me and my viewers, listeners, and readers.

We’ve become a community!

Most recently, I have had many of the same responses from people who I’ve been able to talk to on the phone. All of the callers have said similar things about why they wanted to connect with me. Oh but even more recently a close friend that has supported me did a video that highlighted the exact same things. It brought me to tears. People really do see my heart and passion for this movement I’ve been able to launch. (Check out the video here => Michael’s video )

These are three of the things that stood out.

1. My consistency

2. My transparency

3. My desire to serve

It’s an amazing feeling when you see that other people see your vision and mission. It’s from those conversations I have with my podcast listeners and guests. It’s from the #morningpress series I do weekday mornings that empower and inspire people. It’s the tips, resources, and information shared by myself and guest bloggers on the #ourvoicematters blog. Each of these platforms is a space with I have conversations. Oh, there several other things I do that give opportunities for people to know me like live & virtual events. (I’ll do a separate post for those)

Where are you having conversations with your target audience? Are you waiting until you reach them by happenstance to show them who you are? Do people know the heart of your business and brand before they get on the phone?

Honestly, people pay top dollar to get results like these. Just look at the many profiles on LinkedIn promising high paying clients and huge conversions. It’s what everyone wants but only few are willing to put the work in to achieve it. I have been live streaming for years, podcasting for years and yes, blogging for years. I didn’t always have the best graphics or the perfect model but I kept going. Your dedication speaks loudly for your brand even when you are an introvert like me.

Make the shift to showing up to have more conversations! I’m looking forward to seeing you move to the next level.

Altovise Pelzer

Founder|World Voice League

Check out Michael’s video here => Michael’s video

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  1. NOVEL PRIDE says:

    Impressive post👌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! It’s one of the biz lessons I’ve learned along the way.


  2. Gottfried says:

    I’m inspired to make money from content creating. Point me in the right direction sensei 😅


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