Go get it NOW! Why wait for January?

We are full swing into the final quarter of 2019 and I have been shouting it from the rooftops that it is time to “go get it!” Some are frustrated around this time of year because they believe they should be at a certain point in business, relationships and yes even life. The bright side is that each day you are alive is another day full of opportunities.

For those in the World Voice League Community on Facebook, we have been doing just that with the #4goalsin4months challenge. It has challenged them in four areas which are Business, Finance, Personal and Follow Up in order for them to check off things they had on their vision board from the beginning of the year. (Join the Facebook Community bit.ly/worldvoicecommunity) The results and feedback have been great.

It stood out for many that I was doing this challenge now instead of waiting until the infamous January 1st. My response was that the time to change is now, the time to get started is now and the time to go for it is now. Why wait? The date doesn’t add some special superpower to your success. It is often a way for us to procrastinate or follow the crowd. Oh, and yall know that as an introvert I don’t like crowds!

During this 4-month challenge, participants received a weekly post with tasks, questions and yes even a quote to inspire them. With each month the tasks get a little more in-depth and the goals go up. No need to settle for mediocre in this challenge because even if you start there…you won’t be there long.

I also will be sharing some of the ways that I am able to accomplish some big and little goals for myself. I think I have done pretty well at checking off goals but I also know how easy it is to slip into a place of procrastination or fear. There is a small system that I created for myself in order to get things done and it all starts within our minds.

  1. Make time
  2. Investment
  3. Network


Make time

Have you ever heard the saying “we make time for what we really want”? (I just had a flashback to my mom saying it to me as a child) It is 100 % true. The truest desires of our heart will eat at us until we give it the attention and time it deserves. So I had to start making time to get things done. For me, that meant waking up a little earlier. 4 AM became my new alarm time because I usually had the house all to myself. It was quiet and I could think. There were quite a few people that looked at me as if I had two heads for getting up so early but 14 books published later…I think I am on to something.


You may not be the early bird and that is okay. I have clients that are night owls burning the midnight oil. When I am getting up they usually are just getting to sleep. No one has more time in their day than you but how you are currently using your time may not be the best. Be honest with yourself about what is draining your time.


I had to develop a new mindset that when I make an investment there will always be an ROI. (Return on Investment) From reading to registering for classes that would further my dreams, I made the investments regularly. As the journey continued I started to notice that the bigger the investment the better I felt after making it. This didn’t happen always but when I actually did the research on something before investing I felt good about the investment. It was a shift for me because in the beginning but I got it together.



It is true that your network is equal to your net worth. I am by no way advocating that you use people to get into a certain status but networking allows you access. Access to what you may ask. Well, you gain access to conversations, opportunities, and knowledge. Being in the room will different people who are either on the same journey with you or those who have already reached the finish line. Either way, there is wisdom bubbling over within them. (I am always saying that if someone is an expert in an industry they always have some desire to teach)


Soak it up just like a sponge and don’t apologize for the rooms you walk into. Live the moment and experience some great things. Those who do not network regularly stay within their and don’t grow. This journey is a long game…not a sprint. Remember that!


With these three tips, you don’t have to wait until the ball drops to get started. You can start today.



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