How Do You Relax by Dorothea Robinson

How Do You Relax?

We are told that it is good for our health to take some time off and relax. Just unwind with putting away the worries of the world by stepping away from it all. Well, in the scheme of things that might be hard for some of us to do. Family, work, church, and business have our schedules locked up and locked down. Many don’t know where to even begin to take the time off to unwind. “How can I take time when I have so many things on my plate?” And I have heard people say, “ When I do take the time I am not even sure what to do with time off?” Yes, it’s true, many don’t know how to just relax and during their off time. They end up catching up on the work that they didn’t do prior. They make it a “I’ll catch up on those things that I needed to do and didn’t do before”!


So what does relaxation look like? Well, it’s different for many. Some will go to the beach. That’s me, I’m drawn to water for some reason. Others will take a vacation to the coldest part of the word. Some camp in the woods, away from it all. The setting can be just as important as the WHAT, to do while they have left their world. Writing for many, and I would like to say for all, is a good relaxing activity. It helps get out what’s been stuck in your head. It helps bring things into clearer view. Writing has so very many great effects. Yes, even if your past has not been the best.


It’s not always easy to talk about your past and lest alone writing about it either. But writing will help you organize those thoughts that you may not have dealt with. They will and have, dictated how you perform at work, how you respond to things and yes has led to having bad feelings of self and others needlessly. We may have been doing Writing helps to put into perspective things that need to be reviewed in your life.


Relax, with paper and pen, no matter where you have decided to unwind. Getting your story of the past onto paper where it will no longer have you sabotage your greatness. Let’s learn how to really make use of our relaxing time and make it great so that you can be the best possible you there is!



Dorothea Robinson

Life After Domestic Violence




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