A Love Affair with Love wit Tracy Knox

Do you want to be famous or do you want to make an impact? I promise you that it is not a trick question. The trick will come in when you don’t answer this question before you begin your journey to success. It will affect how your network, communicate and what opportunities you say yes to. A power question like this can shift everything for you. It did for our guest on today’s episode.

A topic that really may hit home with you in this episode is stagnation. You know, that moment after things have been great when you don’t see your business, yourself or even relationships moving forward. It can be a difficult time in anyone’s life leading to depression or quitting. In this episode, Tracy talks candidly about her current period of stagnation and how she plans to get out of it. She even spoke on how to handle the “nos” that you will receive in life by putting them in your IV and using them to not only survive but thrive.

When I started on this entrepreneurial journey I found that not being clear about where I am and where I want to go put me in the middle of some pretty interesting scenarios. I found myself getting scammed by those who would take advantage of that current state of mind I was in. Don’t believe me? Many of you have fallen for some of the same things that I have fallen for. Getting into companies or get rich quick schemes. It happens far too often.

There comes a moment when you have to pay very close attention to the stagnation that you may be in. If not, you will find yourself with a “side chick”. That love affair will be with pain or fear. It will hold you hostage at a low point when there is so much more for you to achieve. It is all apart of the faith walk that you will endure on your journey to success.

In this gumbo called entrepreneurship, there will need to be moments that push you. Sometimes that is what the stagnation is meant to do. push you, pull you and reenergize you on your journey.

Tracy Knox is a dynamic author and public speaker who has helped hundreds of people break past their difficult pasts through sharing her tales of triumphing over the trauma.
In her riveting debut book My Love Affairs with Love, Tracy takes the reader on a nostalgic ride through her life’s journey from childhood to adulthood, sharing her rendezvous with love, acceptance, pain, and joy. The words humorous, sentimental, and tear-jerking describe Tracy’s transparent story as she finds peace through her pain. Although this journey was turbulent, it allowed her to manifest within her spirit the strength and courage to conquer her adversities head-on. Tracy’s story offers others a guide map to discover their peace by facing and overcoming their struggles.

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