5 ways to influence people to support you.


Often times friends and family are discouraged from asking how they can help you succeed. There is the misconception that it will always include money or possibly wearing a shirt they don’t like. (Hey, you’ve seen the shirts too)

Support can be given in many different ways and each way has its own significance.

1. Sharing a post or link

2. Leaving a thoughtful comment

3. Telling someone about what they do

4. Sending them an opportunity you think they may like

5. Giving them a Chik Fil A gift card.

Okay, that last one may be a personal one but you get the idea. Support looks like you a listening ear when they need it or simply a hug. The most valuable you can do is acknowledge the hustle you see in them because they may not always see it themselves.

Matter of fact, most speakers and authors honestly don’t think that they are doing enough. They won’t say it but they are always looking at the numbers.

What numbers and I talking about?

The conversion

The open rate

The following

The DM’s

Oh the list goes on. Exposure expands our opportunities and unfortunately it expands our anxiety. That is why there is such a huge significance to Instagram removing the likes on the platform.

There is another reason why family and friends don’t always support. It’s a harsh truth pill to swallow but some of you are not consistent. You change business ideas like underwear.

Don’t fret because you are not alone in this. The way to get past it is to execute at 150% in what you are doing. Actions speak much louder than words do.

This episode will give you some hard truths and easy tips to get the support you need and deserve.


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