How Josephine Sandra Used Passion and Courage for a Second Chance to Live

A second chance to live feels like being able to breathe. I struggled with asthma throughout my childhood and early adult years. It kept me in a state of fear when it came to living life.

I can remember one instance when I had morning sickness and couldn’t catch my breath afterward. It was a nightmare as U sat on my bathroom floor gasping for air. When I think about having a second chance at life I think about that moment when I was able to take a deep breath.

What does having a second chance at life look like for you?

While reading Josephine’s story I literally felt myself taking that deep breath again. Knowing that someone else has been able to take that deep breath this morning in spite of their circumstances shifts my whole mindset.

It’s the heartbeart…or deep breath of the #OurVoiceMatters blog.

Here is Josephine’s story!


The purpose of this blog is to empower, inspire and enlighten you especially if you are ambitious but suffering and struggling to manage or cope with any kind of health condition either or both mental and physical on how being courageous and passionate, about achieving what your heart desires are, despite what you might be going through to enormously rewarding you beyond measure, mentally, financially and socially with a positive mindset you will understand that you too can thrive again.


I’m Josephine Sandra, a mother to 1,  and I live in Ipswich – UK. I take pride in calling myself a Confidence and Well-being Coach, Speaker and a Complementary Therapist.


Before embarking on this journey, I had been to the university and secured a job as an HR specialist, however, out of a blue in April 2017,  I had a personal injury that limited my capability to do the day to day activities that I used to do and enjoyed, my healthy was heavily affected, and I had no job to get back to as a result.


Amidst the whole transitioning of my life, I remember being severely depressed, stressed, frustrated, agitated and fed up, I used to have panic attacks and I was diagnosed with a lot of health conditions such as a neurological dysfunctional syndrome which over time was realized it was one of the medication symptoms I was on,  Complex Pain Regional Syndrome (CRPS)  in addition to having the mobility issues. This was extremely challenging and really struggled to accept my situation which brought more damage and affected the perspective oh how I was viewing things.


And what made it worse, each time I attended a doctors appointment, I would be told that I was under pain management, from them I was signposted to physiotherapy who would not even do anything due to the extreme of pain I had and could scream in so much agony if they did any exercise, I had another group of experts who were suggesting the increase of my medication each time from tramadol- this nearly killed me to gabapentin to pregabalin and amitriptyline. Surely, if you have ever been on any of these medications you would know what I mean on the side effects; lost appetite gained a lot of weight, uninspired, mood swings too.


I received counseling which only worked during the session and the moment I was out of the room, it felt like the world was falling apart. I could only hear voices telling me what the point was for being alive, I cried my eyes out, I did not feel worthy, my heart was scarred and felt like it was cut open each time and it was bleeding, no one had an idea of what was happening to me, there seemed to be so many injustices and unfairness in various aspects of my life and health-wise too. I was blaming everyone I saw or ignored me. So, I knew I had to find a purpose despite my severe health challenges and I was so determined to make it happen. I knew my son needed me the most and it crossed my mind that everything happens for a reason. Which I now know and embrace gracefully and I use my proven approach to inspire and empower those close to me behind this saying. People have reaped good results.


I knew I wanted more, deserved more and was better than I thought as various people were complimenting how strong, brave and inspirational I was and in fact, my confidence was boosted more after my lecturer and students nominated me as the most inspirational student of the year. Because I came out and chose to be vulnerable, I knew with my condition and the fact that I was in and out of the hospital, sitting still in the 9-5 job and how demanding work is, my analysis on this was not viable.


I wanted to feel normal and took an action that did not seem to make sense at that time by allowing myself to align with the vibration of myself, to feel a sense of freedom and inner peace that is unlike anything else. When you get to resonate with this, it wouldn’t matter how quick you get there, as long as you do get there and knowing that you are not in any kind of competition with anyone else.


I recall being in so much pain, frustrated, burn out, did not feel listened to, and was fed up of taking much medication that wasn’t doing much to me apart from being in more agony. It hated the feeling of this……from nowhere I went online and researched on a few things I was interested in and could concentrate on but at the same time make me feel better in the process, I found a course that intrigued me that I enquired more of, was happy to invest in and went and pursued it which equipped me with the fashion, design, and sewing skills that I never imagined I could ever have or pick interest in my entire life.


I mean out of the entire class, I was the only person who never knew how to thread a needle and it was a struggle but I was able to gain more than all that I wanted to achieve. I found passion in sewing and I related to it as an inner healing therapy which enabled me to concentrate and forget about everything else that was happening and by the time my pain went worse I had that kind of relief somehow as sitting for long as well caused me grief. I persevered and was determined to be certified so I could do something in my own time when I could.



Upon the course’s completion, I put everything aside and kind of forgot about it for some time, out of a blue a friend of mine called to check on me and as we were talking she went on and asked how I was getting on with my sewing, I was like not really and that I had left doing it as I didn’t have the sewing machine I really wanted but I had lost the momentum too. I talked to her the description of what I wanted and oh my days – I hadn’t realized she was taking notes!!!  One day she asked if I was at home as she was around my area, I said yes and guess what? She had bought the sewing machine for me and declined to pay her. A note to yourself, when you are talking, sometimes those we talk to may not seem as listening but some really do listen.


She reminded me that she got inspired by me and how I helped her get through her challenges and that it was the only reason she was able to complete the course. She still recalls my words and the daily simple step by step manageable approaches and tips I shared with her that she hadn’t found it elsewhere at no cost – I patted myself on the back and now a happy paying client of mine on top of buying me the incredible sewing machine.


The fact that I didn’t look down on her, judge her and that I accepted her regardless meant the world to her and made her change her life around. Always treat others as you would love to be treated. I was super excited she found value and a purpose to move on with her life with lots of other compliments and got through her limiting blocks which we all get every now. When I had this feedback, it gave a big push, reason to keep going and that I was believed in even when I did not feel like it. I have attached one of my first made bags and I have continued to make more, make dresses, alterations whilst doing something I love and enjoy, helps heal while relaxing and generating me a passive income too and soon introducing my membership on mentoring in sewing with amazing new projects. The total joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment of this, as a result, is beyond describable.


5 actionable tips to help you take action if you are dealing with any challenging situation: feeling stuck, burn out and unmotivated to achieving your goal.

  1. Sit down, close your eyes and relax to avoid any destruction.
  2. Ensure that while your eyes are closed, you use your finger to touch the middle tip of your nose and let your eyes concentrate on where your finger is. Inhale deeply and exhale up to 20 seconds twice
  3. You are much relaxed now so, think of one thing that you would like to achieve, can you do it yourself or do you know someone who can help and support you achieve it
  4. Be brave and strong to reach out or connect with this person to support you make it happen
  5. Ask questions if not sure and remember that the universe will welcome you the way you are for who you are too.


I am super excited to hear from you on how my 5 tips have been of an impact on you or my blog. I will also be glad if we connected here to get my daily inspiration and motivation updates on what I am working on and also will personally respond back to all your queries.



Josephine Sandra

Confidence and Well-being Coach, Speaker and Complementary Therapist


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