The Principles of KWANZAA are Crucial to your Speaking Business!

Learning and implementing should always be key elements in your strategy for success in any industry. No gimmicks…no cheat sheet and no easy way through it. So when one of my team members mentioned that today was the first day of KWANZAA I made a confession and a commitment.

Confession: I have never celebrated KWANZAA or even learned about it enough to speak about it in an elevator ride. I maybe had two sentences that I could use but that was stretching it.

Commitment: I was going to do the research and take the #SpeakEasy Podcast listeners on the journey with me. The 7 Principles of Kwanzaa were the same core values I have in business and life. That was definitely a bonus on my part.

I am by no way an expert in Kwanzaa practices but I can share some core things that make it a crucial part of how you act and react in business. Oh, that is any business but I’ll focus on the Speaking and Author industries.

Well start each episode with the question “Habari gani?” which means “What’s the news?”

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Day 1: Umoja – Unity

In 2019, I found myself becoming more unified with my team, my clients, those in my industry and guests that I worked with. It was odd because this year I became disconnected from some people that I thought would always be a support for me. It felt like a weird ride on a seesaw that never went back down again. I was stuck in the air. (This may only be a short people problem but stay with me on this)

That unity opened opportunities for me to speak, to be a guest on a podcast and to sign on new clients. What really set me on fire for this year was how much growth I saw in myself from being connected to the right people. Being in unity with people that drain your energy or take advantage of you is dangerous for your physical and mental health.

In this episode, I’ll share how Day 1 impacted me and how I see unity as a commitment to family. I would love to know how the power of unity has affected you and your business in 2019.

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With over ten years of writing, Altovise uses her platforms to create opportunities for women to have their voices heard. Founder of the World Voice League, she educates and empowers through courses, a weekly accountability call, blogging, books, and the #SpeakEasy Podcast.


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