Power of Podcasting for the Women’s Voice

Podcasting, like many other platforms, has become a highway for the small business owner, speaker, and advocate. Especially for women! The podcasting industry has birthed shows that cover every topic known to man. (And woman)

Women, for centuries, have dealt with injustices that silenced us. The injustices include the fight to find our place in leadership, the lasting effects of domestic violence and abuse along with the struggles of day to day living.

Many times we’ve been told to overlook it or bury it. Neither of those options allows for healing. They also created a culture of women who believed no one understood or were going through what they had endured. Now, while podcasting for some may seem like another radio broadcast, to others it is the start of a revolution.

Podcasting has become an opportunity to shift what has been the norm for generations. The voice that can inspire you is possible already on a podcast. Lol The topics that were once only spoken in whispers are now trending on podcasts across the world.

Here is what podcasters in the Women of Color Podcasting community had to say about podcasting and the voice of women.

Women’s voices are the spirit and soul of the world. Women have the ability to inspire and change nations. When we redefine our selves based on our own truth. I believe we bring hope and the possibility of what felt intangible. Regardless of the tenor of our voice, we are the melodious boom of healing and the future.


“Lysz Flo” is a trilingual spoken word artist, author of fiction and poetry, and podcast host for Creatively Exposed focusing on self-love, cultural identity, creatives and women’s empowerment.


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My website: http://www.lyszflo.com

My podcast: https://anchor.fm/lyszflo


Women’s voices are important, but right now women of color need to be heard. As a podcast editor, I have made it my mission to assist women of color in getting their message out.
Growing up in the Suburbs of St. Louis I didn’t have a strong connection to Latinx people like me, or much diversity really. I never want any young girl/woman to feel like she doesn’t belong or shouldn’t be in space. Representation is important.
Bex Carlos is a self-proclaimed “Audio Witch.” She has been editing various forms of audio for 10 years. When she isn’t putting the finishing touches on audio productions; you can find her reading tarot cards or hanging out with her cats Toulouse & Brujita.
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Bex Carlos

I didn’t start my podcast to make money. I wanted to hear stories like mine from other women. I knew that if I didn’t tell them no one would. My hobby has been historically filled with cis white men but it is changing. More POC, women, and people who are part of the gender spectrum are joining this hobby every day. I want to create spaces that include them and their experiences.

Lauren Gray

Host, Backbox Pinball Podcast 



I’m Loronda C. Giddens and I am the Creator, Host, and Producer of Peeling Back the Layers of Your Life® podcast.  I’m using my voice to inspire, empower, and educate by interviewing people from across the globe who want to make a difference in the lives of others.
We talk about their greatness but we also talk about the layers they had to peel to get to their greatness. Layers are anything hindering you from getting to your next level of greatness.  Layers can be guilt, shame, fear, anger, self-doubt, procrastination, mommy issues, daddy issues, lack of confidence, feelings of unworthiness, or money issues.  The list goes on and on.  Regardless of the layers, we have to begin peeling and healing. We can see ourselves through others when we share our stories.  It doesn’t matter if the guest is in Australia, India, Kenya, or Malaysia. This podcast brings people together because we all have layers to peel.


Loronda C. Giddens is an Army veteran who worked as a corporate professional for over a decade before transitioning to state government. She is a national conference speaker and certified instructor who educates on workplace wellness, youth empowerment, women’s empowerment, and personal development. Giddens holds a Bachelor’s in Social Science and a Master’s in Forensic Psychology.  She is Founder and CEO of EnerPeace Creations, a business that provides training and speaking services to an array of organizations. Loronda is also the Creator, Host, and Producer of Peeling Back the Layer of Your Life® podcast and Loronda Inspires Greatness podcast.  She is a 3x self-published author.


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Loronda C. Giddens



My podcast was created during my last year of teaching when I had multiple mental breakdowns and ultimately decided to leave the profession permanently. I realized during my last few months that speaking honestly to people about how I was doing mentally made a huge difference in how sustained I felt, and that’s where the idea for my podcast came from!
My mission is to create a safe space for educators to share their stories, find community with one another, and go back to their schools empowered and ready to continue these open conversations about the reality of being a teacher. Because teaching is such a female-dominated profession and has grown historically out of women being missionaries of morality, teachers are often ignored and expected to accept harsh and toxic working conditions out of the “goodness of their heart”. But teachers deserve a voice and need to be heard by politicians and decision-makers in education, and my podcast encourages teachers to speak up for each other and our students.
Here is are some links where you can find out more about my podcast:


Victoria Wang
The host of #TeacherLife Podcast


Every time a woman chooses to speak is an opportunity for her to show the world who she is and reclaim her power. I started Pink Lemonade Podcast to create a safe space for women to listen to the voice that she suppresses on the inside, with hopes that it will compel her to speak her truth on the outside. I use my voice to speak with vulnerability, strength, and hope, because I believe that our stories, lemons (lessons), and thoughts having healing power. When we speak we help confirm, validate, or bring light to someone and give them the courage to share their power. Women’s voices have an insurmountable influence and it starts with having the courage to speak; regardless of who is listening. I live for podcasting because it is a medium that can only amplify the power of a woman’s voice to spread ideas, inspiration, and innovation to those who may need it the most.

Whitney L. Barkley is the CEO at Speakerazzi, a content marketing firm for authors, coaches, and speakers. For more than a decade, she’s worked with nonprofits, startups, organizations, and influencers to leverage storytelling through social media, online video series, and podcasting. She is a former social media instructor for the Ohio Media School and the International College of Broadcasting and is passionate about showing others “What Works?” online to increase their personal brand and influence. Whitney is the host of Pink Lemonade Podcast, a self-help podcast to help turn life’s lemons into lessons with more than 35,000 downloads in 50+ countries. She lives in Columbus, OH with her husband Jerome and her cat, Rosie.



Whitney L. Barkley, M.S.
Chief Creative OfficerSpeakerazzi


I’ve been a broadcaster for 17 years and feel it’s now more crucial than ever we have prominent female voices in radio and podcasting. Podcasting has actually given us a lot of freedom in broadcasting as anyone it’s removed the, still often male, gate-keepers and of course it’s then up to us to make a success of it. My first national radio job was as the first-ever female presenter on talkSPORT, a UK station known for its very male-skewing, and even then it was as more of a ‘side-kick’ role. Things have changed, but it’s important we have all voices at the table; all genders, race, sex, age, and creed. If we don’t have a wide representation we are not getting the full picture. Since leaving talksSPORT in 2007 I’ve survived as a female freelance broadcaster working more or less entirely on my own in TV, radio, podcasting, online and print. Having started The Big Travel Podcast two years ago we frequently hit the number one spot in iTunes UK places and travel and in many of the 160+ countries we have listeners around the world. I also make podcasts for many clients including the wonderful India Hicks Podcast with India Hicks and her 90-year-old mother Lady Pamela Hicks (daughter of Lord Mountbatten), again a chart-topping podcast in the UK and the US. It’s not always been easy but I see a lot of women doing as I am doing, forging our own paths and making a success of it, not waiting to be ‘given’ the job but going out and making the work for ourselves.


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Women are the creators of so many different things. We live in a complex world where women can be highly praised and terribly oppressed. Is it because men fear us? Does it happen because of the old traditions of patriarchy that are still alive and well? Whatever the reason, women are stronger together. It is when we voice our opinions that we can create change. When we refuse to let others hold us down (in any aspect of our lives), it is when the change actually happens. We have to draw a line and have the conviction to stand behind that line. With the #MeToo movement and modern-day feminism that is more inclusive and diverse, we are actually seeing change take place. Women are standing in solidarity with their truth to bring down offenders of horror and abuse. It is a new era and what used to be “acceptable” is not going to cut it anymore. Women are powerful and they aren’t afraid to harness their power for themselves or others! As a female coach, speaker, content creator and podcaster, I am proud to use my voice to help women conquer obstacles in their personal and professional lives. While inspiring them to consume content that will activate them to achieve their life ambitions.



WokeNFree is a podcast that refuses to leave anything off the table. Kahlil & Natasha Nurse talk about relationships, education, religion, politics, music, history, fashion, diversity in the media, entertainment, empowerment matters, life hacks, technology, cultural disparities in the world, and everything in between. Join the WokeNFree movement at WokeNFree.com. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.



Khalil and Natasha Nurse 



Reflecting on the countless women role models I have already been grateful to see in my life, I consider myself a testament to the power of a woman’s voice to inspire and encourage. I am a young woman of color pursuing a career in STEM and–personally speaking–without voices of women who have already achieved so much in this arena, I would not have made it this far. Simply by existing these women were inspirational to me, and this feeling expanded tenfold once I heard their stories, heard them advocate for themselves, and thus for those of us coming after them. For so many of us with similar experiences, this puts immense pressure to turn around and do the same for the women following us, and rightly so. To this, I urge you to remember that by supporting each other as sisters and peers, standing up for ourselves in each moment of injustice and persevering through every moment of doubt we are doing the same for the young women who are watching and learning, even now. One woman’s voice carries power, and in unison our voices are unstoppable.


Nyawira Nyota is a third-year student at NC State University, studying mechanical engineering and Spanish. She is the co-host and co-creator of the podcast #PassTheMicYouth, a youth-led endeavor focused on giving a platform to youth activism, along with fellow students Luke Shealy and Sam Chan.



#PassTheMicYouth Website: https://passthemicyouth.ces.ncsu.edu/

Apple Podcasts:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/passthemicyouth/id1461854518




With over ten years of writing, Altovise uses her platforms to create opportunities for women to have their voices heard. Founder of the World Voice League, she educates and empowers through courses, a weekly accountability call, blogging, books, and the #SpeakEasy Podcast.


Join the free World Voice League community bit.ly/worldvoicecommunity


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