Toni Chowdhury is Called to Help Women Succeed on Their Own Terms

Life has its way of hitting us all in different ways. When this happens we either let it keep us down or use it to help us become better versions of ourselves. Toni Chowdhury made the decision to not let her circumstances keep her down, she was determined to thrive. She also took her experiences and lessons learned to help other women succeed. Here is her story. 

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Tell Me About Your Business and What Led You to Start It.

Toni Chowdhury

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10 years and I’ve started 3 businesses during that time while still working in a corporate job.

My coaching and consulting business was a result of watching women struggle with their feelings of deservingness and ability to live their dream life.

I have been through abuse and domestic violence, suffered from clinical depression my entire life, and I know that if we put mind over matter, everything is possible.

Therefore, I feel really called to help women succeed on their own terms!

In my current business, I help women who are still in a 9-5 job understand that starting and succeeding at business is a choice we make and nothing that’s happening around us is more important than what we believe is possible for us.

I teach women how to gain more visibility online so they can find, attract and convert their ideal clients and turn them into raving fans.

What are 3 Unique Things About You?

I believe that there are no problems without one or more solutions.
I’m intuitive and an empath, which helps me identify my client’s needs in a matter of minutes.
I’m always looking to help and support women no matter their industry, ability, or their mindset.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

My biggest accomplishment has been to break away from a toxic environment and immigrate to a foreign country with my 3-year old son as a single mother and raise him to be an incredible young man. He started his own fitness business while working in a corporate job.

Another big one is that I managed to keep my corporate job as an innovation coach while building my businesses over the past 10 years.

Finally, I launched my first online summit as a collaborative effort with six other women and had a blast while doing so!

What is the biggest lesson you have learned so far?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is that I’m here for a reason. It’s not just to play the role of mother, daughter, friend, colleague, etc.

I have a much bigger purpose. It’s my job to make sure I work towards it every single day!

It’s easy to get discouraged when things don’t work out, but it’s also easy to stay motivated when I look in my victory log and see how far I’ve come!

How can readers connect with you?

  • Website:
  • Facebook HandleToni Chowdhury
  • Instagram Handle@women_who_win_with_toni
  • LinkedIn HandleWomen Who Win with Toni Chowdhury

(Original post can be found here:

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