One Cardiac Event Shifted Awilda From Law to Success Coaching

A cardiac event that lands you in the hospital at 26, will wake you up. At least, this was my experience.  As I lay in the hospital bed, I realized I had been asleep at the wheel, mindlessly moving towards other people’s ideas of success. I realized that if I continued to operate this way, I would never feel satisfied, successful or happy as an Attorney. As a result, I bravely set out on my own personal and professional development journey to achieve success as I redefined it. was born out of my deep dedication to helping people both redefine success on their own terms and achieve the success they truly desire. As a result, offers 3 different avenues and a plethora of resources to help clients along their journey to success.


As a Afro Boricua, bisexual, woman from a social-economically disadvantaged background it is  especially important for me to (1) shed light on the different ways one can engage in personal and  professional development, and (2) offer my  services in such a way that encourages people to willfully undertake their own success journey and  exceed their own expectations


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Understanding the powerful Success Coaching principals of follow-through & routine  

Ideas are great, but they are just ideas. In order to make things happen action is essential. I always tell my Success Coaching clients that, “Ideas without execution, are like seeds that were never planted in the soil.” Each idea is like a seed, which stores great potential. Yet without the initial action of planting the seed, it will never germinate, sprout or bare fruit.
Success Coaching is predicated on the idea that we must not only create an action plan but we must also follow through with that plan in a systematic way. Clients don’t come to a Success Coach because they are failures, but rather because they want to be more successful. Many times the underlying issue for these folks is a lack of Routine and Systems that would help to facilitate their execution strategy.

A routine doesn’t sound sexy or exciting, at first. But, if I told you that you could enjoy your work without feeling frantic or overwhelmed every two seconds, I bet you would be all ears. Success Coaching uses inquiry, feedback loops, and quantifiable measures to help you begin to craft a routine that both helps to facilitate execution and minimize overwhelm. A skilled Success Coach should be able to help craft an individualized, organic and sustainable routine for you to work with while assisting in making adjustments as you determine what aspects work best for you.

Success is only possible with consistent follow-through. If we think of our Routine as the car that is getting us to our goal, then Follow-Through is the gas in the tank that makes the car move. Therefore, Routine without Follow –Through, is like planting the seed but not watering it at all.

As a Success Coach, I impress upon my clients the incredible importance of Follow-Through. This essential coaching principal is all about being accountable for taking action. Therefore if you are committed to your follow-through that means you are prepared to take prescribed action at the specified time, every time; and if for some reason you are unable or unwilling to take that action there is a logical & significant reason.

The reason why Routine and Follow Through go hand-in-hand is clear. However, there is a common pitfall that has claimed many dreams. Impatience is like getting sand in the gas tank, the car will breakdown almost immediately as the gas becomes useless. However, it is your Success Coach that will help you to combat that impatience, stay accountable, get REAL and get it DONE! Remember you have to plant the seed, water it and nurture it so that it will grow. Holding it in your hand does nothing, taking the initial action without any additional follow-through still won’t glean the result you desire. You have to have a plan, create a routine to facilitate your continued action, and follow-through!
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Awilda Rivera is a result-oriented Success Coach who has dedicated her life to helping others succeed.  Whether you are an Entrepreneur, Career Professional, or Small Business Owner  – Awilda has the tools to assist you in making the progress you desire.

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