“Who Are You?”

via “Who Are You?”

Who Am I?

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“What makes you different from others?” The other question that I was recently asked. Who are you and why do you do what I do. I had to stop and think about it and when I gave a list, which turned out to be a laundry list of skills and talents, I stopped and I was amazed. See when we do what we do, know what we know, we don’t think about it. We really don’t but move in a go mode in our skillset. Don’t we? Like breathing we don’t think about it we just do it. We call for help when we need to, we ask questions when we need the answer we don’t have, but those skills we own and operate in we just go!!!

Advocates do just the same. We move in the areas of assisting a victim of abuse and get them to safety. We make the calls necessary for placement, we make sure they and often their children have the basic needs, food, and shelter, and let’s be honest, we will dig in our pockets to give them money for the bus, food, diapers or whatever the immediate need maybe.

So when I wrote it out it looked like this…

  • My knowledge of being a caregiver, for over 20+ yrs, gives me an edge on just what the emotions and feelings of a victim of abuse,
  • Being open, honest, but yet have the understanding of the sensitive emotional state of a client is extremely fragile and must be handled with compassion,
  • Life Coach, I have created a place for victims and survivors to move from danger, deprogramming their mindset of worthlessness to shift toward embarking on their purpose in life. 3.
  • Addressing the life hindering trauma a client experienced,
  • Provide strategies for victims and survivors to share their stories, and save other victims who are stuck in abusive relationships.
  • Opening up a whole new world, where stuck victims and survivors of abuse, with tools and resources introducing them to endless opportunities before them.

Below you will find a shortlist of my skills. They are:

  • Life Coach
  • Successful DayCare owner
  • Worked in health care for over 20yrs
  • Trained in Hospice Care
  • Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Abuse Trained
  • Exit Planning for victims of Abuse
  • Professional Speaker
  • Motivation
  • Transitional
  • Nationally and Internationally
  • Best Selling Author
  • Successfully assisted 100 victims to safety
  • Nationally and Internationally
  • Manager of the WIC Programs in Philadelphia
  • Managed 2 satellite openings
  • Podcaster
  • Survivor of Abuse (30-year marriage)
  • Small Business Owner
  • Created programs for Survivors
  • Membership groups
  • Speaking programs
  • Small Business start-ups
  • Conferences/Event Coordinator

as well as

  • Mother
  • grandmother
  • friend

What would your list look like if you were asked “What do you do? or Who are you?” With the New Year coming in a few days, what new skills will you add to your current list? What would your new list look like?




Dorothea Robinson

Life After Domestic Violence




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