Carla Once Regretted Going to Church

Have you ever regretted going to church?

As a preacher’s child I spent countless hours in church wishing I could be outside with my neighbors who never went to church except on occasions like Easter. This means there were many Sundays in which I reluctantly went to church especially on Christmas. I still recall sitting by the fire and being one of the three children who came to church on Christmas Day. I wanted to be at home playing with my toys like the rest of the children. I did not recognize that the only reason I was able to have those things was because of God. So, when I went off to college I felt free of my parents’ watchful eye, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life had already planted a seed that took root and grew.


Unknowingly, I became more and more selfish. I sought to please my flesh which allowed spirits of darkness to dwell in me. How have you allowed selfishness into your life and what other spirits did you have to deal with? One major spirit that I dealt with was the ones Jezebel welcomed – the spirit of sexual immorality (Revelation 2: 20 – 23): Fornication which later led to adultery were my household guests. As life presented opportunities, I never saw these spirits as what they were: spirits that brought more spirits that sought to bring satisfaction to my flesh, my eyes and my pride. These dark spirits overlooked my efforts to ACT like a Christian. They weren’t bothered by my pretense of going to church on Sunday nor were they bothered that I sent my son to a Christian school and that I believed in God’s ability to heal me. Do we honestly believe that going to church and not spending time with God prevents us from being demonized? These demons were fine with my actions because I did not change my sexual lifestyle which meant I welcomed their presence in my life. If I am honest, I even welcomed the spirit of prostitution. You see, at some point in my life, I thought I wanted to be a prostitute. Thoughts are powerful because I even fantasized about standing on a corner and having the man, I was dating come to pick me up off the corner. Just the thought of standing on a corner looking for a man to pay for sex was dangerous. Remember Isaac thought the men would kill him because of Rebekah so he told them that she was his sister (Genesis 26). He had a selfish thought that could have put his wife’s life and other men’s lives in danger had they slept with her.  We need to be mindful of our thoughts and put them under Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). What thoughts do you need to identify as dangerous to your future?


From my thoughts, actions transpired which put others in danger because I was not sharing the word of God but being sexually pleased. My selfishness and thought of prostitution led me to welcome spirits into my life. No, I did not stand on a corner to wait on men to drive by to pick me up. There were times in which I had him pretend to pick me up from a bar or pretend to be the bartender who seduced me. Why was this dangerous? Because as time went on, I had several men in my life who would provide financial gifts including funds for vacations, house repairs, birthday parties, phone bills, and insurance. You get the picture. That’s prostitution even though we want to look at it as having a man who takes care of us. I was really prostituting myself for my benefit. I was not married to these men and because there are two men who did not want to provide finances, I discontinued dealing with them. If they wanted my time and my body, they paid with finances. However, I did not like men who gave me money for sex. I recall one guy who gave me money on our first encounter. I never saw him again. I guess in my mind there were levels to prostituting myself that I would allow. Crazy right?


Please understand that these things happened because of my feelings and my wants. What feelings and wants do you have that lead to unhealthy behaviors? Do you realize that these are demonic behaviors? I was demonized by spirits that had taken control of me. I invited them into my life and until I surrendered to God, my life was heading down a road of destruction in which I was no longer beginning to recognize myself. I recall my last few days with these demons. I could sense their presence, and I loved it. I felt extremely sexy/lustful, and the guy that I was with was capable of providing me sexual satisfaction that entire day. I did not care about him needing to work. I just wanted him to please me. Notice the pronoun I. I was the problem and when the Holy Spirit spoke to me several days later, my life began to change. When the Holy Spirit speaks will you be willing to change?


Realizing that I was smoking more weed to prevent the Holy Spirit from speaking to me, I knew there was a problem because no matter how much I smoked, I could not get high enough to keep Him quiet. I also wanted to get high so that I could enjoy multiple sexual orgasms, and I thought that sex was only the greatest if I was high. So, when the Holy Spirit said to stop smoking and I looked at myself in the mirror, I knew I had to stop because those demons were going to demand more of me including stronger drugs so that I could enjoy moments of pleasure.


Minutes after the Holy Spirit told me to stop, to confirm the significance of this message the Holy Spirit had the guy tell me that I needed to stop smoking. He concluded his statement by saying we used to have sex without you smoking. Now, you might question if this was the Holy Spirit so let me put it in Biblical context. The first part was from the Holy Spirit (Stop smoking) but after the guy said it, he was trying to justify why he said it because to him his words did not make sense. For this reason, he provided his justification for saying stop smoking which was we used to have sex without you smoking. If you doubt this is possible to look at Peter in Matthew 16. First, Jesus tells him that he received knowledge from his Father in heaven (Matthew 16:17) but a few scriptures later Jesus tells Peter to get behind me Satan (Matthew 16:23).  We have to recognize that we are in a spiritual battle at all times. Because we have become so relaxed with these spirits of darkness, we do not recognize them for who they are.


It is important that I share my story because I know there are many who think they are going to heaven even though they knowingly and willingly sin daily. To tell my story God has set me free from all the guilt and shame that people may try to fill me with.  I have been delivered from these demons by God. I recognize that I had invited the spirits in with my lust for sexual satisfaction, and these spirits (Matthew 12:43 – 45) were setting up camp. They had invited other demons to come like an unwanted house guest. However, when we recognize that these spirits are only able to come because of our invitation, we realize the importance of having the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6: 11 – 18).


When we read God’s word, we see that Jesus first equipped his disciples with the ability to cast out spirits (Matthew 10:1). Currently, as a church we sometimes speak of healing, and we rarely speak of casting out demons. This lack of acknowledgment allows demons to exist without being recognized. When we study the word, we will see that many demons are associated with sickness. Because we don’t recognize these spirits, we call them diseases leaving people sick and plagued by demons. What spirits are within you, and how will allowing God to change you affect the lives of others?



Yes, I am free, and I want others to be free. Along this journey to freedom, I have written Hell Bound on the Sex and Drug Express. Whether we believe it or not we are destined to endure the second death (Revelation 21:8)  because of our actions even though we believe in God.  Demons recognized Jesus (Mark 1:34) so they believed in him. As Christians, we need to seek God.  It is time for us to awaken and realize that God has given us insight on how we should live. He has warned us of the tricky demonic spirits and the treacherous devil. This season of shakening has happened so that we will prepare for the war that we are in and embrace God’s ability to deliver us.


If you would like to support Hell Bound on the Sex and Drug Express, please visit Go Fund Me at   and donate $1 to help others learn the mercy of God and how he will redeem those He loves from spirits of darkness. Then, share this link with others and ask them to donate $1 because there is a need for us to know the truth about the war that we are in and how our actions represent who we really are serving.




Carla DeBro worked as an inner-city school teacher for over 22 years. However, last year God spoke to her about the importance of leaping to start her own business. Although God spoke to her, she had her own plans on how things should be. Until she began to listen to God, she was only spinning her wheels and getting nowhere. Carla believes in the power of God and His willingness to save us from our own destruction. She is an aspiring author and businesswoman who asks God for His guidance daily.

Although she has made mistakes along the way, she knows God will provide her miraculous insight that will lead to her ability to leave an inheritance for her children’s children. She trusts God and believes the words as truth.

Her recent manuscript Hell Bound on the Sex and Drug Express has been accepted by a well known Christian publisher. Carla knows this confirms what God has placed in her heart to share with others. It’s time to change and recognize the spiritual battle that we are in.







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