I’m Gonna Buy a Giraffe…Maybe Not!


Check out the episode with Jen Fontanilla => I’m Gonna Buy A Giraffe…


Okay so I may not buy a giraffe but I know many of you that can relate to the anticipation of having money on the way. It tends to be spent before we receive it on that amazon cart that has been getting bigger and bigger. I see you. You are not alone. (In my MJ voice)

You may have heard that in the US there is a stimulus check on the horizon to help boost the economy that has been on a fast decline due to the coronavirus pandemic. It has sparked debate and conversation. That was why I was so eager to have Jen Fortanilla, The Money Coach, as a guest on the show.

Let’s be honest…when have you had a money talk? with your kids? with your spouse? I never knew how much my mother made and we didn’t have a discussion about budgeting or money management. Bills were paid and I saw my mother work two or three jobs at a time. (That is a whole other episode)

Jen did not hold back in this episode and I couldn’t let her go without sharing her top two suggestions for what to purchase your stimulus check.

Jen’s gems:

* You don’t want to take care of a situation while in the middle of it

Having financial conversations early in a relationship may seem awkward but it is necessary. Who wants to be at the table ready to sign the paperwork for a house and find out that your spouse has a tax lien?

* Find simple ways to teach your children financial literacy

You can find videos on YouTube or some children’s books that make it easy for them to understand things like saving and spending. Jen shared that she used cash more when she would shop which allowed her son to help. It also was a way to break the “magic card” image that most children see.


Check out the episode with Jen Fontanilla => I’m Gonna Buy A Giraffe…


Meet Jen Fontanilla:


As a financial advisor for almost 15 years, and now as a money coach, Jen helps professional and solopreneur women who feel like they don’t know where their money is going and who need to get organized with their finances. They want to stop feeling confused and stressed out and feel good about the financial decisions that they’re making. I help them create a plan of action and set goals so they feel clarity and empowered and now they can focus on their purpose and passion. I currently have a book in editing called “Do Before I Do” – a book filled with topics and questions for couples to ask each other, the kind about money that no one wants to talk about. It’s all about empowering couples to start having open conversations about finances, avoid fights and breakups, and instead create a blissful financial future together.

Social Media Handles (LinkedIn, Facebook etc.)
FB – @jenmoneycoach
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IG – @jenmoneycoach
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