Who am I while in Quarantine with Jasmin Tak Shum

Who am I while in quarantine with Jasmin Tak Shum

Who are we without the job, the stage, the conference…who are we without the outside? This was the question that many were faced to answer as a result of COVID-19. Without warning, we were thrust into the leading role of our own lives. For some, it has been amazing and for others not so much but ultimately we all had to ask the question “Who am I?”

(Check out the original podcast episode => Who am I?)

Knowing who we are at the soul level becomes our anchor for the remainder of 2020 and beyond. We have been given a pen to rewrite the life that we really wanted to live. Quarantine took out away from some of the excuses and crutches that we have been relying on for years. We are now forced to be in the house with people we barely know and in some cases, we may not even like them. It was a dramatic change in the whole world. It was a time where we were now forced to spend time with ourselves.

In this episode, Jamin shared with us some tips on seeing the opportunity within our current circumstance.

~ Learn something new
~ Accomatind the temporary shift

She dropped some serious gems that we can all take with us as we get ready to create and maintain a new normal. Events and opportunities may look a little different but it is the clarity and self-confidence that will help us keep our head above water. Shopping with a mask may become something we need to get used to temporarily but it doesn’t have to stop us from shopping.

We are resilient and are able to adjust!

Jamin hit on a few key points when it comes to knowing who you are.

1. What are your characteristics, core values, and ethics?
2. You must understand that everything takes time.
3. Learn to validate yourself
4. Don’t change due to external circumstances
5. Learn the power of acceptance and forgiveness

The bonus tip that Jamin shared was to embrace ourselves and to love ourselves. Wise words as we adjust to the shift in our journey towards our dreams and goals.

(Check out the original podcast episode => Who am I?)

Jasmin Tak Shum is a confidence and clarity mindset coach. She helps women build their confidence by understanding their value so that they can stand in their own authentic power, shine their light and charge their worth.

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