Kanika Tolver on How to Rehab Your Career During Covid-19

Kanika Tolver on How to Rehab Your Career During Covid-19


With all this time spent social distancing, you may have taken some time to take a magnifying glass to your business or career choice. Is it right for you? Do you want to go back? Are you able to be a stay at home parent who just might home school their kids? Dealing with Covid-19 has greatly shifted the definition of “Career” but today’s guest has some great motivation to help you with some of the heavy choices that are ahead of you.

(Check out the podcast episode here => Kanika Tolver on How to Rehab Your Career During Covid-19)

First things first! Before you begin to go skipping through the grassy field with your kids like some 2020 Mary Poppins, Tanika shared a few tips on where to start when you are ready to rehab your career.

Rehab evaluation
Ask your self the hard questions
Do I have the skills needed?
Should I do this as a side hustle until I get some stability?

Making the decision to become a full-time entrepreneur is major but that is not the only career rehab that it is referring to. This list relates to our seniors as they prepare to go into a much different senior year and college experience. It speaks to the parents who are preparing to go back to a job while their children’s schools are closed. Oh and we can not forget about the many people all over the world who lost their job when the quarantine began. There are many who has some hard decisions to make about their career journey within the next few weeks.

In this episode, Kanika also hit on some key points like:
Traditional vs. non-traditional education
Online learning programs
Where seniors and college students should focus next
Virtual career fairs and more.

You are in a great position to turn any anxiety that you may have into accomplishments by learning new skills. Looking at how much the tech industry has shifted you can create a plan of action for a career shift no matter what level you may currently be on. Take some time to tap into your creativity and look at your setback as a setup for success.

Fail forward! Kanika shared a gem that I believe that many can relate to as we enter into our more mature years. Learning to receive constructive criticism and advice is wise on our part. Seeking out experts who will share about building wealth, real estate, credit, or investing will serve you well. Don’t get overwhelmed by the information. You can focus on one area. Listen in on today’s episode and let us know in the free group how you plan on rehabbing your career.


(Check out the podcast episode here => Kanika Tolver on How to Rehab Your Career During Covid-19)
KANIKA TOLVER is the CEO and founder of Career Rehab, LLC in Washington, DC, where she helps clients transform their careers with coaching programs, events, webinars, and digital resources to help professionals reach their career goals. An in-demand coach, consultant, speaker, and thought leader, she has been featured on CNN, CNBC, CBS Radio, Yahoo!, Black Enterprise, Glassdoor.com, Entrepreneur.com, The Washington Post, and a variety of radio interviews and podcast shows.
Tolver is also the author of the acclaimed title, Career Rehab: Rebuild Your Personal Brand and Rethink the Way You Work. In Career Rehab, Tolver helps readers strip away what’s holding them back to create the career of their dreams. Readers learn how to create an online brand presence, market an authentic personal brand, and sell their brand-offering expertise and skills. It’s time to take stock and renovate your life by making strategic professional changes that help you achieve not only the job but also the life you want.


Kanika Tolver, who graduated from Bowie State University in Maryland, currently hails from Washington, DC, where she has lived for most of her life. She enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and friends.


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