Tracey Williams shares the Impact of Mini Managers

Jamaica has been dominated by small and medium enterprises for decades. They played the most important role in local’s lives and have established many out of poverty. Visitors from all walks of life have fed from these enterprises and have gotten access to the deep skillful mentality of the Jamaican people. Small and medium enterprises will grow more and more as the years go by. For everyday entrepreneurs and skilled workers get more knowledge and zeal towards the working world. Over 500 thousand companies have taken over the third-largest country in the Caribbean.

For many years now, Jamaica has open the doors to universities, colleges and training institutions for both young and old. These students have succeeded from year to year for only one reason, to be a more reputable individual in society. And often time, this comes through their job title.

I once wrote this quote in an article, “Never get comfortable with a self-defeating life. That only houses shallow victories”. The effort that comes with being persistent is worth more than gold. That fame that comes from winning is priceless and will elevate anyone from ground zero. Living at the place of optimism is the only hope of never being rejected.

I have watched the statistics of the job market increase by the seconds every year. And it is only because people really need money for food, shelter, and clothing. These needs will never stop. And as long as a small or a medium enterprise is alive, someone will always have a job to satisfy these needs.

Visitors fly from as far as Europe to as close as the neighboring country next door just to do business. Many entrepreneurs have to settle for years just to start a business chain in the country. Now, the country is dominated by Spanish, Asians, and North Americans.

Many have open restaurants, hotels, attractions, and even clothes stores in almost every street that you walk on in the urban areas. Some will allow their relatives to share into the management system instead of a reputable local. And even though the owners speak a different language, the organization is always getting customers, because the service is needed.

“When I grow up I want to be just like my father!” Children grow up doing what they saw and speaking what their parents preach. In Jamaica, many children follow the footsteps of their fathers and ancestors. Whether you were born in the country, or behind the small shed of a mechanic shop, children learn to do what they saw while growing up.

Many use the opportunity of learning from their own homes. If you should journey in the rural communities, you would see a shop attached to a home or a garage or carwash.

With little or no skills, someone automatically becomes an entrepreneur in his own back yard.

Mini managers are very common in enterprises. As soon as high school is over, students start to aim for the top in business companies. They use their ambition to take them up the ladder until they become the owner of their own business.

For a Caribbean country, Jamaica is a very wealthy island. We are well established and we’ll develop. Mostly because of our Independence and accomplishments in skills, talents, and strong climate.

Medium enterprises will only get larger as many are now joining with larger companies all over America and Europe. Very soon, there will be no need to travel to other countries for business, because the business will be right here in the middle of the Caribbean sea.


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Tracey L. Williams author of 7 children books and 6 inspirational publications. She is a Jamaican native with a gift in clothing and textiles. At the age of 21 years old, she was accepted in Jamaica Theological Seminary. She later pursued ministry where she served Sunday school teacher at Maranatha Ministry International and later working with Global Mission Outreach Ministry.



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    Much appreciated for the perspective on Jamaica Tracey. Thanks for sharing

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    1. Thank you for checking out the article!! I love her insight on this topic.

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  2. Ticha Masai says:

    Inspiring perspective.. thanks

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