Could You Speak to a Room of People Wearing Masks

Looking ahead as states begin to open up and people adjust to their new normal there are many questions in the speaker industry for what the future will look like. Could we be at a place of speaking to a room full of people with masks? Will event hosts hold on to the virtual realm tightly until the end of the year? No one knows but now is definitely the time to think about what your next steps will be.


If we take a virtual trip to places like China and Japan, we will see photos of large events like weddings with people wearing masks. I mean, the show must go on, right? Yet here in the states are we really ready for such a bold shift. Imagine being on a stage of 100 people with masks on or doing work training with a room full of people with masks on. It almost seems like something out of a sci-fi movie.


There are a few major differences that speakers, attendees, and event hosts will take note of.




Social Proof




These five areas are what is causing a buzz in the speaking industry as people try to make adjustments. Event hosts want to reassure their attendees and speakers that they want what is best for them. Major events have moved dates into 2021 or shifted to a virtual platform. This may be a common thing for a least a few more months. Can you wait that long or are you ready to hop on stage?


I recently had a discussion with someone who I was collaborating with for a live event. The venue, unwilling to give a refund was asking what date we would like to move our event too. Although it was a small event with less than thirty people, I really didn’t have an answer for her. At the time, states were just starting to open up and there were still many restrictions. As a business owner, you have to be willing to look at the whole picture.


I am constantly saying that speakers are business owners so we need to look at the next moves strategically and as a business owner. What is your loss? The fee from the event space. What do you gain? The trust of attendees. It’s not always pretty but there will be times when you just need to cut your losses.


Here is what some speakers are saying about the possibility of wearing masks at live events.

Carolyn E. Blake Yes! There are so many times we hide behind the masks anyway. So, what better way to speak to a room full of people and teach them the authenticity of ” Removing the Masks”, and being “Authentically You”!

Jen Brown, I’m not sure if you’re sincerely asking, but the whole room full of people during a pandemic is the reason. Having many people sit in a room, masks on or not, with a bunch of other people is irresponsible at best, dangerous at worst.

Any organizer OR speaker that says ‘it’s safe, we have masks’ is forgetting human error, as well as people thinking masks keep them 100% safe and that everyone will wear a mask. Too many people screaming ‘my rights’ RE: mask.

Even more irresponsible when we have the ability to do virtual events.

‘A couple of reasons’ should end at are you ok potentially being the person responsible for someone dying or being on a ventilator, or infecting their family, all for exposure and a buck?

Shari Williams  Well I would say not in 2020 maybe 2021 I had to cancel all of my events and conferences, 2020 is a bust, I’m bringing as many of the events that I can online the rest of this year.

Kiaundra Jackson This is a great question! It’s never happened before but you know I’m up for a challenge.

Not being able to see people’s facial responses can be tricky..but thank God for body language.

MyCoach Tajuana I had 2 speaking engagements this week where masks were required. The masks weren’t much of a distraction. If anything, it was the seating arrangement that threw me off – everyone was socially distanced. 

These were small meetings and even though they were streamed, the people in the room were considered “essential”. Neither violated the stay at home order.



With over ten years of writing, Altovise uses her platforms to create opportunities for women to have their voices heard. Founder of the World Voice League, she educates and empowers through courses, a weekly accountability call, blogging, books, and the #SpeakEasy Podcast.




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